How to use the furniture in the living room to promote Feng Shui

The living room pays attention to Feng Shui in the pattern, and the decoration, furniture, sofa, table and chair color, shape and material are more closely related to family and career fortune

for example, it’s better to have a complete set of sofas. Don’t use a single sofa or mix and match two sofas. The material is best made of cotton, hemp and fiber with Yang Qi, and the color is the most colorful

if you put a marble seat in the living room, it will be easy to take care of, but it will be bad for the residents over time. Because marble is a material with great Yin Qi, it will be restless and have more right and wrong after long contact. You can make a cotton cushion on the marble surface to dissolve it

as the center of a residence, the living room is a place with high utilization rate. Therefore, the furniture in the living room should be made of solid materials. Moreover, the sofa and seat should use the high back style as much as possible, which not only makes it comfortable to sit up, but also symbolizes the dependence and guarantee of family life. In addition, the furniture should be kept clean to avoid the accumulation of foul gas

to create a sense of gathering, we need to pay attention to the layout of the furniture in the living room. The furniture should be surrounded around the center of the living room to form a shape similar to gossip. The central arrangement can make a family face each other when sitting at home, and it is easy to see each other’s expressions. It is conducive to emotional exchange and communication, reduce contradictions and promote family harmony and unity

wardrobe and bookcase are the main furniture in the house, and sometimes they are also placed in the living room. When choosing these furniture, we should pay attention to maintaining the coordination with the overall indoor color. Too strong contrast will cause people’s irritability. If we must use contrast color, we should reduce the color purity and weaken the sense of contrast in vision

how to reflect the clear situation of host and guest when using the living room to receive guests. You can choose to distinguish the seats to show the master’s respected position

generally speaking, the position of the host should be close to the house, slightly higher than the guest’s chair, with a back, preferably with a wall behind, and avoid tall furniture in front. The guest’s position should be on the left and right sides of the host’s seat, which should be relatively simple to avoid robbing the edge of the host’s chair

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