How does the penholder affect Feng Shui in the study

The pen holder is hollow and can play the role of collecting Wenchang transportation. The use of a pen holder will have a good driving effect on both study and career

first of all, the different materials used in the pen holder can often play a role in promoting the prosperity of culture and prosperity. The material of the pen holder is very rich. Crystal, jade, bamboo and wooden pen holders are the most common. Crystal can accumulate energy. Jade is an auspicious tool with psychic characteristics. Bamboo is conducive to promotion. Wenchang Xingjun five acts as wood, and wood can also promote Wenchang’s prosperity

secondly, the patterns on the pen holder are various, sometimes with very auspicious meanings. Peony, Chinese cabbage, bamboo knot, osmanthus, sunflower, green dragon and Kirin mentioned above are common patterns of pen holders, often in the shape of pen holders. Putting them in the study can not only promote the prosperity of Wenchang, but also the wealth of people. The pen holder is most suitable to be placed on the desk and should avoid being angry at the. Male desk, pen holder should be placed in the left Qinglong position; Female desk, pen holder should be placed in the white tiger position on the right

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