The restaurant has a sloping roof. What’s wrong with it? How?

The dining table should not be placed under the inclined roof, because the inclined dining table roof will put pressure on the diners, resulting in the psychological fear and depression of the diners. Moreover, in home feng shui, the inclined roof will also destroy the good relationship between families. External forces are mainly involved in the destruction of family relations, mutual distrust between families, etc

In fact, it is not good for people to make full use of the dining space under the stairs, which will affect their health

in this case, of course, just move the table to the other side of the restaurant to solve the problem. However, if the roof is inclined due to other architectural reasons, the inclined part can be filled through the ceiling. If the inclined area is small and it is not easy to transform, the evergreen Kaiyun bamboo or small iron tree head can be placed on the dining table to dissolve the evil spirit

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