How to change Feng Shui at home

When the household Feng Shui pattern is not good, which leads to the bad luck of the family, people hope to change the household Feng Shui! In fact, there are many ways to change home feng shui. You can improve home feng shui by adjusting the pattern and making up for deficiencies! And how to change it? This depends on the situation

there is evil spirit outside the door of the home

once the evil spirit appears, it will affect the feng shui of the home. Therefore, when the evil spirit appears outside the door of the home, the feng shui of the home must be bad! If we live in a bad feng shui environment for a long time, we will always be affected by bad feng shui, which will endanger our life, fortune, health, home luck and so on! It must be resolved in time to change the Feng Shui aura of home

so how should we change the feng shui of home when there is evil spirit outside the door? We can choose to set a threshold at the position of the gate, which can effectively prevent the evil spirit from entering the home, so as to change the Feng Shui aura of the home. At the same time, you can also choose to place a large potted plant at the door. Since ancient times, plants have the function of Invigorating Qi field and dissolving evil Qi. Therefore, in this way, I can also change the feng shui of my home! In addition, you can also design a porch in the door to cut off the evil Qi, so as to improve home feng shui

the relative Feng Shui difference between kitchen and bathroom

the relative situation between kitchen and bathroom must not occur at home. After all, the relative relationship between kitchen and toilet will cause the situation of water and fire. Such a situation will have a great impact on Feng Shui at home, will not benefit the wealth at home, and even threaten the health of family members! It can be seen that the relative pattern of kitchen and bathroom will indeed form a very bad feng shui aura and cause great harm. How should such household Feng Shui be changed

we can change the pattern of the home and avoid the relative situation between kitchen and bathroom by redecorating. In this way, we can fundamentally resolve the bad feng shui and change the atmosphere of the home! But many people feel that the redecoration project is too big and particularly troublesome; In this case, you can choose to install a door curtain in the toilet, which can cut off the foul air of the toilet and avoid affecting the feng shui of the kitchen! In addition, it is often said that the toilet door is closed, which can also change the Feng Shui gas field

the light is very poor and too gloomy

the light at home is not good, which will inevitably form a gloomy atmosphere, which will inevitably affect the health, mood and personality of the family; So if the light at home is too poor, how to change it

we can choose to strengthen indoor lighting to change the feng shui of the home, and use more bright colors in the home, which can improve the visual experience

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