Attention to home decoration color and Feng Shui

Different colors will create different atmosphere, and different atmosphere will create different styles. Therefore, in the application of colors, people will match relevant colors according to their favorite styles; But in fact, in the home decoration, the choice of color should not only consider the style, but also pay attention to Feng Shui. What are the stress of home decoration color and Feng Shui

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bright red cannot be used for home decoration

the choice of color should not only pay attention to the overall style of the home, but also pay attention to the overall Feng Shui of the home. For the householder, the overall Feng Shui of the home is very important. It will be related to the development of your future life and whether your home luck can flourish. Therefore, you must not take it lightly in choosing color! From the perspective of Feng Shui, bright red must not be used at home. First of all, red is the color of fire in the five elements, and it is also a color with strong Yang Qi. The fire and Yang Qi of bright red are more prosperous. If bright red is used in the home and a large area of painting will only lead to the family’s temper becoming more and more irritable and emotional tension. It will also lead to the family’s lack of tolerance and endurance, and the mood will explode at the slightest. In this way, it will only affect the harmonious relationship of the family, Affecting the harmonious atmosphere at home

dark blue should not be used for home decoration

dark blue is a color close to the ocean, so many people especially like to decorate their homes with dark blue. However, according to Feng Shui, dark blue should not be used at home! Because dark blue will bring negative emotions and make people feel that they have no motivation and passion for work. For a long time, the family will only become listless, negative, depressed and do not want to make progress. Isn’t this going to affect the development and future of the family? So dark blue can’t be used at home

pink cannot be used in home decoration

pink is a color that many women like. Even old aunts like pink very much. Therefore, many people also try to decorate their home with pink, but in fact, in home decoration, pink is not suitable for large-scale use. You can use pink for decoration, But you can never use pink as the main color of your home! First, pink is easy to make people feel irritable, which is easy to affect people’s mood and thinking; Second, because pink is the color of looking for good luck, and for some married people with partners, using pink at home will undoubtedly bring many unnecessary peach disputes and wild peach blossoms to each other, affecting each other’s emotional harmony. Therefore, pink must be carefully selected

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