What is the relationship between Wenchang star and Kuixing

Wenchang star is one of the 28 stars in the sky, also known as Wenqu star. It specializes in the fame and wealth of scholars all over the world. As for ” Kuixing ye, There are also some legends about him. Kuixing is the first of the seven big dipper stars, which is called ” Kuixing Ye ” ;. Kuixing writes with his right hand, which means ” Great success in writing ” ;. Stepping on the turtle with your right foot is called ” Take the lead ” ;. Lift your left foot back, and the other six stars in the arch tug bucket are called ” Bucket lifting ” ;. Metaphor: leaders, group Lun, who do you give up? Kuiyu’s main star ” Kuixing is the first star of the Big Dipper. Kuixu is also the first star of the western white tiger seven. It is one of the twenty-eight stars. Its 16 stars are curved and hooked, and the shape is like the stroke of an article. Therefore, it is called “zhengyanshundi”; Kuixing ” ; To take charge of the cultural movement” Kui ” ; And ” Kui ” ; Not only homophones, but also ” Kui ”

The word

has the first meaning, so gradually ” Kuishu ” ; Change to ” Kuixing ” ” Kui ” ; Word by ” Ghosts ” ; And ” Bucket ” ; The combined font depicts Kuixing in the shape of ghost characters. The font bends its feet to kick and fight. This is the meaning of image. More people worship ” Kuixing Ye ” ; A portrait of, blue face and red hair, standing ” Turtle Fish ” ; On the head, one foot is tilted like a hook, one hand holds a pen, and is ready to point to the bucket shape. At the same time, it also shows ” Take the lead ” ” Hand picked champion ” ; Etc. ” A sign of success

The belief in Kuixing became popular as early as the Song Dynasty. Past ” Kuixing building” Kuixing Pavilion ” ; Everywhere, there is a statue of Kuixing kicking and fighting in the middle for scholars to worship and pray. It was precisely because under the imperial examination system at that time, the title on the golden list was the only hope of becoming an official. Therefore, the portraits and statues of Kuixing were born at the right time. During the reign of emperor Yingzong of the Ming Dynasty, a map of Kuixing was pasted near the examination room, but it disappeared for some reason. A scholar surnamed Lu saw a child playing with this picture on his way to Beijing for the exam. So I used a few fruits to exchange the picture. On the day of taking the exam, Lu scholars pasted the Kuixing map squarely next to their seats to take the exam. Soon released the list, Lu had no hope, even ranked first in the list. After the matter spread, it caused great repercussions. The story of Kuixing’s revelation has become more and more popular. Portraits and sculptures have also become the spiritual destination of scholars

Kuixing not only kicks, but also ” Take the lead ” ;. Aoyu is a very big fish in the sea in myths and legends. It is large enough to stabilize the floating rootless fairy mountain on the sea. Kuixing stood at the top of the table, showing that the examination room won the championship. Who would give up? Although the imperial examination has become a historical relic, in China and Taiwan, examinations are still the only way for students and public officials to make progress. In the United States, all tests and interviews are not inferior. Kuixing belief goes deep into Chinese people, meets people’s spiritual needs and gives psychological support. It has also become a small stream that will not dry up in Chinese culture

so how to worship Kuixing God” Worship Kuixing ” , Prepare a Kuixing map or paste a paper man in advance, and prepare a ram’s head made of flour, with horns, representing ” Solution ” ; And red double stings look like ” Yuan ” , The horn of the sheep’s head and the red double sting must be tied with red paper, which are collectively called ” Solution ” , To show good omen, place the plate close in front of the Kuixing statue. In addition, tea, wine, firecrackers, gold paper and three plates of dried fruits (longan, walnut and peanut ” mdash; ” mdash; represent the good omen of the middle number one, the top spot and exploring flowers) must be prepared, and then worship in the direction of the Big Dipper. After the ceremony is completed, the gold paper must be burned together with the Kuixing map, and then firecrackers should be set off

students who want to take the exam must eat some of the offerings to increase their strength. In addition, special attention should be paid to the ancient ” Kui ” ; Zitong ” Frog ” ; Word, folk will release frogs to celebrate Kuixing’s birthday. If you want to take the exam, don’t eat ” Frog meat, So as not to disrespect Kuixing and capsize the ship in the gutter

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