Do the two gates open in the same straight line have an impact on Feng Shui

If there are two or more doors in the commercial building and they are in the same straight line, it is not conducive to the pattern of wealth accumulation. No matter how good the geographical location and popularity are, the direct air flow will be lost quickly. The auspicious gas cannot be absorbed, and the luck will not flourish naturally. Therefore, we should try to avoid this pattern

in this case, the best way is to change the position of one door to stagger the two doors. However, if it is restricted by the environment, fire fighting and other conditions, and the impact brake cannot be resolved by changing the position of the door, a door curtain can also be installed on the door to block the direct impact of air flow

in addition, if one of the two connected doors is the company’s back door or fire exit, the impact and braking can also be eliminated by changing the applicable nature of the door. The specific method is to install a curtain on the back door, which can only go out but not in. This forms the so-called “Feng Shui”; Boom and bust ” ; The pattern not only facilitates the passage of visitors, but also contributes to the accumulation of popularity, which is very helpful to the improvement of fortune

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