What is the pattern of wangkong

When decorating the study, many people like to put the desk under the window. They think that this not only has good daylighting, but also can open the window at any time to breathe fresh air. One Feng Shui network said that this is called “Feng Shui”; Look empty “, It is an unfavorable Feng Shui layout

facing the desk under the window is bad for children’s study. It’s easy to distract them from their study. If there are sharp corners outside the window, it will also affect the child’s health. To solve this problem, you can put the desk on the left side of the window, which can not only get good light, but also avoid distraction

when arranging the desk, we should also consider how to place the chair. The key is not to put it near the toilet, dustbin and other places where foul gas gathers, which will affect children’s luck; In addition, you should stay away from the kitchen, because the kitchen is very angry, which can easily lead to children’s emotional irritability and affect their study; Finally, we should also pay attention not to arrange too soft chairs for children. Too comfortable is easy to make children relax and is not conducive to learning

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