How to tidy up the bottom of the bed is conducive to Feng Shui in the bedroom

People rest on the bed. Many details about the bed will affect people’s luck. The free space under the bed is facing people. If the gas field under the bed is good, it can promote people’s journey. If the gas field is bad, it will damage personal health

so how to deal with the space under the bed? First of all, the bottom of the bed must be cleaned frequently. When cleaning the room, many people think they can’t see the bottom of the bed anyway, so they ignore the hygiene of the bottom of the bed. Unclean under the bed will give birth to foul gas. If people lie on foul gas, their journey will not be good, and this may lead to disordered dreams and affect their health

secondly, it’s best not to place items under the bed. Although there are many spare spaces under the bed, from the perspective of Feng Shui, the best way to use the empty space under the bed is. The reason why the bed has a certain space with the ground is to avoid the earth gas directly attacking the human body. In this way, when people sleep, the air flow under the bed is unobstructed, which helps people relax their nerves and have a better rest

stacking objects under the bed will block the airflow, especially too many things under the bed, which is not conducive to the husband and wife to pour out their affection and communication. If things must be stored at the bottom of the bed, the things stacked must be neat and orderly without congestion, and the items should not be exposed. In this case, it is recommended to buy a bed with storage space, which will play a good role in transportation

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