How to put the wardrobe can increase the transportation distance of the bedroom

The arrangement of wardrobe is very particular, because the wardrobe is generally tall and heavy. It can stabilize the house transportation when it is placed well, and it will suppress the house transportation if it is not placed well

first of all, it’s better to rely on the wall for the wardrobe, which can save the bedroom space most, and there is a back to stabilize the house transportation. However, the wardrobe cannot lean against the wall where the wealth position is located, otherwise it will hold down the wealth position

secondly, a certain distance should be kept between the wardrobe and the bed. If only a narrow walkway is left between the wardrobe and the bed, the fate of the bed owner will be very narrow. Thirdly, the wardrobe should not be placed behind the bed or near the head of the bed, because the wardrobe is high and heavy, which will cause a sense of oppression to the bed owner near the head of the bed, forming an unlucky ” Mount Tai presses the top of the mountain ” ; Situation

finally, if the orientation can be selected according to the five elements of the wardrobe, it can help the transportation. The wardrobe is made of five trees. Therefore, the water in the Oriental wood position or the northern water level can promote the transportation most. However, mainly according to the specific setting of the bedroom, if the Oriental or northern position of the bedroom is a window, it is naturally not suitable for placing the wardrobe, which will block the anger of the bedroom

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