How to decorate the balcony can enhance family harmony

The Feng Shui function of the balcony can promote family harmony. Therefore, some decoration can be properly done on the balcony to enhance the harmonious coexistence of family members, so as to make couples love each other and the house permanent. Because the balcony is the entrance to receive gas, some air fresheners can be used appropriately to make the air entering the room fragrant and fresh, which has the function of refreshing the mind and purifying the air. At the same time, it can also create a harmonious and warm atmosphere of the family

in addition, you can put bamboo, gourd and other plants on the balcony, which can not only dissolve the evil spirit, but also bless the family’s happiness, longevity and health. Some feng shui ornaments can also be properly placed to enhance family harmony. For example, the eight trigrams convex mirror hung on the balcony can resolve all kinds of shock and evil caused by poorly shaped buildings outside the house, which will bless the family reunion and harmony

in addition, Amethyst can be placed. Amethyst can absorb energy, soften the surrounding gas field, ease the tense atmosphere in the family, and effectively enhance the harmonious relationship between family members

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