What is the function of the porch

Another important Feng Shui function of the porch is to prevent the leakage of flourishing Qi. The flourishing gas and wealth gas entering the gate should revolve in the house as much as possible, rather than quickly emanating from the windows and balcony as soon as entering the gate, and the gas field formed in the house should not go straight. The air convection is too frequent, which makes it difficult to adapt to the entrance, and creates a sense of instability in Feng Shui. The flow of wealth and prosperity is called “Feng Shui”; Discharge ” ; On the one hand, the main wealth is difficult to gather and easy to disperse

on the other hand, it also refers to home. People are not prosperous, scattered in the ends of the earth. The function of the porch is to exhale and gather at the entrance and exit of the gate only when there is a suitable air and wealth, and people stay here for a short time when entering and leaving the door. They can be affected by this wealth and prosperity and ensure the success of their career

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