Why shouldn’t there be round objects in the bedroom

The circle represents a perfect shape. Generally, circular or semi-circular patterns are advocated to promote family harmony and enhance the feelings between families. Why shouldn’t there be a round pattern in the bedroom? Is there anything special about the bedroom? Don’t forget what the main function of the bedroom is ” mdash” mdash; Rest and sleep. We have repeatedly mentioned that the bedroom should be designed into a square, because the square represents tranquility. The most important thing for the bedroom environment is to keep quiet

the so-called ” Round initiative, square initiative ” ;. Circle is regarded as a symbol of sports in Feng Shui. Although the shape of the bedroom is generally not built into a circle, if you don’t know this Feng Shui common sense, it’s likely that the furniture or decorations will be selected into a circle, or the figure with a circle on it is not very good. For example, the mirror in the bedroom had better not choose a circle, and there should not be a circular pattern hanging on the curtains in the bedroom

in addition, the round five elements belong to gold, which is easy to remind people of sabre weapons and is not conducive to sleep. Even if the five elements are short of gold, it’s best not to put too many round items in the bedroom

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