What flowers and plants are suitable for the newly decorated house

There are many kinds of home accessories. The most elegant and life flavor is green leaves and flowers. The red flowers are romantic and extraordinarily attractive, creating a warm atmosphere of communication; Yellow flowers make people happy and excited; The blue flower, which combines the spirit of the sky and the sea, is pure without affectation; White flowers, elegant and pure, moving and pure; Green flowers, full of the breath of nature, symbolize life, richness and rebirth

putting such green plants in a newly decorated room can bring a trace of natural and fresh breath to the home, not only regulate people’s mood, add interest, but also purify the indoor air. In addition, after the decoration of the new house is completed, the harmful chemical smell will be emitted continuously for a long time, which will pollute the environment of the new house and endanger the health of residents. At this time, many residents naturally think of using flowers and plants to ” Drug abuse ” ;. So, which flowers and plants can be more effective in taking drugs

let’s first know what harmful gases exist in the new house from decoration to completion. Usually, newly purchased household appliances, decorative plates, plastic products, coatings, paints, etc. will produce and emit some harmful gases. These harmful gases generally include formaldehyde, carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, ethylene, mercury vapor, nitrogen oxide, lead vapor, hydrogen sulfide, benzene, xylene, ether, etc

these harmful gases with peculiar smell often cause headache, dizziness, dizziness, runny nose, fatigue, insomnia, stomach discomfort, loss of appetite and joint pain. Therefore, people are used to calling harmful gases ” Poison gas;. Expel and dilute these ” Poison gas, You can use flowers and plants. Flowers and plants are economical, safe and beautiful, so they are favored by people

varieties should be selected according to the actual needs when arranging and raising flowers in new houses. Generally, the principles of no release of harmful substances, easy maintenance, gentle aroma and appropriate quantity should be followed. However, although flowers and plants have a good role in purifying air, they should cooperate with ventilation to update indoor air, which has a better effect. The plants suitable for placing in the new house include aloe, iron tree, kumquat, etc

I. Aloe Vera

likes Yang. It is more suitable to be placed in a bright place in order to give full play to its maximum effect. It can not only release oxygen during the day, but also absorb carbon dioxide in the room at night. Under the condition of 24-hour lighting, formaldehyde in the air can be eliminated. According to the test results, a pot of aloe can absorb about 90% formaldehyde in a cubic meter of air

II. Tieshu

can purify harmful gases such as sulfur dioxide, nitrogen peroxide, ethylene and lead vapor. It can also effectively decompose formaldehyde in carpets, insulating materials and plywood and xylene hidden in wallpaper, which is harmful to the kidney

III. kumquat

has a certain absorption effect on the smell emitted by household appliances and plastic products. Residents should put flowers and plants at the beginning of decoration, and let them ” within 1 ~ 2 months after the completion of decoration; Residence ” ; It is more suitable for the owner to live in a new house

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