How should the dining table be placed to facilitate home transportation

Table placement plays a great role in restaurant Feng Shui. In terms of dining environment, the restaurant should be relatively quiet rather than too noisy. Therefore, it is best to keep a certain distance between the dining table and the gate, because there are more people coming and going outside the gate, and the air flow outside the gate is fast, so the dining facing the gate will be impacted by the evil spirit

in addition, the dining table should not be directly facing the bathroom or kitchen. The bathroom is vulnerable to the influence of filth and Yin, and the kitchen is vulnerable to the influence of oil fume. Both of them are the turbid gas that is not conducive to home feng shui, which will affect the mood when eating

in the modern living room, if you can’t choose the location of the dining table due to the limitation of the dining room area, you can use the porch to dissolve the evil spirit facing the door, or put evergreen, Kaiyun bamboo or tieshutou and other Feng Shui plants that are conducive to the transportation of the house on the dining table for adjustment

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