Feng Shui layout of living room furniture

The living room is a place for the host and guest to rest, meet, discuss and communicate. Most of people’s activities in the house are carried out here every day, and the living room is also the largest room in a house. Therefore, the Feng Shui layout of living room furniture plays a particularly important role in residential Feng Shui. The furniture in the living room mainly includes highland combination cabinet, TV background wall, sofa, tea table, museum rack, etc. in addition, there may be some furnishings and decorations such as vase, piano, fish tank, etc

Feng Shui should be placed in the living room furniture, and the living room furniture should not be too much. If the living room is narrow, avoid placing large sofas, dining tables, combination bars, bookcases, audio equipment and electric fans, because the space is too crowded to decorate furniture, which will make the flow line of the living room not smooth. The so-called flow line refers to the passage for people to walk. If the passage is narrow and seven turns and eight turns, it will not only cause collision, but also lead to poor financial connection of the family

the furniture in the living room is placed with Feng Shui, and the sofa is generally used for life rest or receiving guests or chatting. To this end, if you want to have a good living room feng shui, you should also follow the placing of Feng Shui on the living room sofa

it is forbidden to use a set of half or square sofa in the living room. There should be a solid wall behind the sofa, otherwise there will be no support behind the sofa, people will have no sense of security, and they will always feel attacked behind them. There should not be a beam directly above the sofa

arrangement of living room furniture sofa: the sofa with left and right protection is placed with one arm on each side, which is beneficial. If its area is too small to reach the left and right protection, then another sofa can be arranged at the water level to form a water gathering situation, which is also in line with the way of Feng Shui

the important position of sofa in the living room is like the important port of the country. It must be able to receive as much water as possible before it can flourish. A good port must have protruding bends on both sides, like the ” U”; Word. The extended bending position is like two arms holding a pocket around, and the depression in the center is the gas receiving position of Feng Shui, which can store wind and gather gas to achieve prosperity of Ding and finance. The layout of the sofa should be like an advanced harbor, with one arm extended on both sides. If the sofa is straight, it will be like a broken arm of a strong man, which is difficult to do anything

home appliances should be placed on the left rather than the right

the left (green dragon) of the house is auspicious, and moving is auspicious; The right (white tiger) is fierce, and moving it is fierce; Sitting (Xuanwu) is a mountain. It is mainly quiet and should not be moved; To the (rosefinch) side is water, take the initiative, move is auspicious. The electrical appliances should not be placed on the right side of the hall, but on the right side of the wall. Therefore, it is not suitable to place the electrical appliances on the right side of the hall. If the electrical appliances can only be placed in the white tiger fierce side due to the conditions, the solution can hang a large mirror on the wall of the green dragon side, so as to absorb the image of the white tiger side in the green dragon side

the sofa is placed

the sofa seat is an essential furniture in the living room, and there are also many precautions in furnishing. Sofa furnishings should be curved rather than straight. The furnishings of sofa should also be like an advanced harbor, with one arm stretched out on both sides. If the sofa is a straight row, it will be like a strong man with a broken arm and can’t do anything.; There should be something behind the sofa, which means leaning against the mountain; There should not be a mirror behind the sofa. When people sit on the sofa, others can clearly see the back of the head from the mirror, which is very bad; The top of sofa shall not be pressed by cross beam; Don’t hedge the sofa against the door; There should be no direct light on the top of the sofa

principle of furniture placement

to understand Feng Shui of furniture placement, you should know some basic principles. For example, heavy furniture is not good or bad, that is, heavy furniture should not be placed on the wealth position at home. Some evergreen plants or auspicious ornaments can be placed on the wealth position, while the bad side tries to suppress it with large and heavy furniture. At the same time, we should pay attention to the appropriate height of furniture, which is ” Mountain ” ; Yes ” Water ” ; It is called auspicious. As far as the living room is concerned, the low sofa is ” Water ” , The tall cabinet is ” Mountain, This is the ideal match

furniture cannot be absent in the home, and the layout of the living room is the same. However, in Feng Shui, what we need to pay attention to is that furniture hides wind and gathers gas. The so-called gathering gas is not scattered, which is literally understood as auspicious gas. Therefore, when arranging furniture for the living room, Feng Shui should be combined with the scientific concept, which is that the furniture should not be too high and too much, simple and tidy, so as to ventilate the whole space

the living room is the facade of the home. People always think that the living room should be designed more beautiful and brightly colored. In fact, this is wrong, especially the ceiling of the living room. The ceiling symbolizes the sky, so the color should be mainly light. It is recommended to use white. If the home is a dark hall, it can also be compensated by hiding fluorescent lamps in the wooden slots on the four sides of the ceiling

every family has the habit of placing plants, which symbolizes vitality, but in Feng Shui, fake flowers and grass can not be placed in the living room. Although the management time is omitted, in Feng Shui, ” False ” ; The word stands for bad meaning. In terms of men’s and women’s feelings, as well as husband and wife’s feelings, it will cause very serious marital problems

married people like to take wedding photos and put them in the wedding room. They will feel good-looking and have a sense of happiness. However, in Feng Shui, wedding photos are forbidden in the living room, not even photo photos, because the living room is a place to greet guests. If the photos are too bare, it will bring unpredictable danger to the whole family

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