Where is the restaurant? Feng Shui is good

Every site in the home has Feng Shui. Correspondingly, it will also produce its own direction Feng Shui, which is very important for the development of family fortune. A little wrong will lead to bad luck. In the large space of home environment, where is the restaurant good at Feng Shui? Next, master feng shui will give you a detailed introduction

I. the best Feng Shui location of the restaurant: the East and the southeast

from the perspective of home feng shui, the best location of the restaurant at home is in the East and the southeast of the house, because the sunrise in the morning is in the East, and the east or southeast is a warmer location. The restaurant is in this position. Everyone has breakfast together every day, which can make the family have a happy meal, have a good luck of the day, everything goes smoothly, and also have a positive effect on their children

II. the restaurant is located in the south. Feng Shui

if the restaurant is located in the south, the host will be more hospitable, warm and generous, and the standards in other aspects will gradually improve, but the expenses at home will also increase

III. the location of the restaurant in the West Feng Shui

if the restaurant is located in the west, it is the sunset side. In the afternoon, it is often sunny. Especially in summer, the temperature in the restaurant is often relatively high, which is easy to affect the food quality. It is also easy to make people lazy and loose, forming a bad habit of delicious and lazy

IV. the restaurant is located in the northwest. Feng Shui

if the restaurant is located in the northwest, it is not a good location. Because the cold in this position is heavier, and it is also vulnerable to the oil fume smell and dust in the kitchen, affecting the health of the stomach

v. the restaurant is located in the north. Feng Shui

if the restaurant is located in the north of the home, because the sun exposure time in the north is less and the temperature is relatively low, the family may have a relatively good appetite. But if you don’t control, it may affect your health

VI. the restaurant is located in the northeast. Feng Shui

if the restaurant is located in the northeast of the home, this location is relatively quiet, but too quiet around when eating will also make people feel uneasy and affect their appetite. Therefore, if the restaurant is in this position, the light should be very sufficient so that it will not have much impact

suitable for home environment center

if the living room and kitchen are the center of the family environment, it is not only conducive to the health of family members, but also conducive to the harmonious relationship between relatives. In addition, the restaurant is set next to the kitchen, which can avoid the oil fume from the kitchen from entering the living room and bring good luck to the living room space. In addition, a kitchen is a restaurant space, with the shortest sports line and the most convenient dining. On the contrary, if the restaurant is too far from the kitchen, or if you have to go through some rooms, it is easy to spill the soup of dishes on the floor during walking, damaging the cleanliness of the house

don’t lay out in the southwest

Feng Shui direction. There are two black managers of flying stars in the southwest, representing disease. If the restaurant is set in the southwest of the house, it is not conducive to the health of family members, especially women. Therefore, when considering the location of the dining room, we must pay more attention. Therefore, the restaurant is best located near the kitchen rather than near the bathroom

the restaurant cannot be in a straight line with the door

the choice of restaurant location should integrate many factors. It also needs to pay more attention to that it is not the restaurant as soon as you enter the door; Or you can see the restaurant without entering the door. Because it is easy for people standing outside the door to see the situation of people at home, which is not conducive to the confidentiality of family privacy. At the same time, seeing the restaurant as soon as you enter the door can easily lead family members to indulge in delicious food and pleasure and will not have the idea of striving hard

keep the distance between the restaurant and the study

if there is a living room and study or a desk in the home layout, the dining space at this time should be far away, because the atmosphere of the study is usually oppressive and ambitious, which will have a negative effect on people’s mood

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