What kind of wardrobe can increase the charm of the bedroom owner

As a space for storing clothes, the wardrobe is the Feng Shui item most closely related to personal charm. Therefore, do not ignore the Feng Shui function of the wardrobe

first of all, the choice of wardrobe should be coordinated with the overall environment of the bedroom. For example, if the room is small, the wardrobe should not be too large, otherwise it is & ldquo; Bullying the Lord & rdquo; The host’s fortune will be restrained; The room is high and wide, so you can consider setting up a wall cabinet. Taking the wardrobe as the wall can increase the beauty of the bedroom

secondly, the color of the wardrobe should not contrast too much with the color of the bedroom. A harmonious atmosphere can promote people to rest more at ease and have enough sleep, so that the owner will be healthy and beautiful. Moreover, the clothes in the wardrobe must be classified and orderly, which has a great impact on Feng Shui. If clothes are not classified and placed together, it will affect the master’s temperament, just as a person’s clothes are not well dressed and give a person the feeling of being sloppy. Even if you dress neatly and generously, if you don’t take good care of the wardrobe, the chaotic atmosphere in it will adhere to the owner, resulting in the owner’s procrastination and indecision, and the look will be worse and worse

in addition, dirty clothes cannot be put in the wardrobe, otherwise it will bring turbidity into the wardrobe, which is difficult to remove. In the long run, the owner may feel that he is becoming more and more unpopular