What does the bedroom do to the health of the elderly

  ” Longevity is better than Nanshan ” ; It is often people’s most heartfelt blessing to the elderly. Generally, we know that the longevity of the elderly is closely related to the external environment and the overall Feng Shui of a region, which is often mentioned ” Changshou Township ” ; Or ” Changshou Village ” ;. However, the reasonable design of houses for the elderly in the residence can also play a good feng shui effect, which is conducive to the health and longevity of the elderly

the first is the choice of housing for the elderly. In terms of orientation, it is not suitable to choose the west, and the south is generally a better position. This side is regarded as a noble place in Feng Shui. Although the momentum of the elderly is not as good as in the past, it should be the most respected in terms of status. In terms of the layout of residential houses, the elderly’s house is suitable for the position closest to the inside. The position closest to the inside is the quietest. Generally, the elderly like to be quiet. This position is conducive to the rest of the elderly and has a sense of security

the second is the layout of the elderly room. The window had better face south with plenty of sunshine. A toilet can be set in the old man’s room to facilitate the old man to go to the toilet at night, but the light of the toilet must be warm, and the toilet door must not face the door. In particular, keep the toilet dry. The old man is afraid of moisture. There is also the need for good heating equipment. The elderly are generally afraid of the cold and are vulnerable to Yin Qi

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