What kind of bedroom door will affect the relationship between husband and wife

In some houses, the master bedroom of husband and wife is relatively large, and some designers who do not understand Feng Shui set up two front and rear doors for them. This phenomenon is especially easy to occur when the bedroom is next to the balcony. The designer mistakenly thinks it is convenient for the room owner to enjoy the cool and chat on the balcony, but it actually destroys the feng shui of the room

originally, a bedroom is not very large, but also a place mainly for rest. When two doors are opened, people’s own vigorous Qi is easy to be lost quietly during sleep, which will affect the health of their families. And if the front and rear doors are opposite, it’s what Feng Shui says & ldquo; Leaky room & rdquo;. Designed as master bedroom or husband and wife room, it is very easy to attract peach blossom evil spirits, which seriously affects the feelings of husband and wife. Why? The bedroom should have been a very confidential design, and the couple’s room should be kept confidential to create a warm world for two

however, opening two doors in one room is like holding two people in one heart. Both wife and husband are prone to have an affair. Moreover, this kind of bedroom is easy to leak air, and both husband and wife look more and more unhappy, so that they are dissatisfied with each other and have different hearts. How can the marriage be happy? In serious cases, it may also lead to divorce. It’s best to seal the back door, or the back door should not be used often, and if the door opens towards the balcony, it must not be a transparent glass door