Feng Shui diagram for desk placement

As an important item for children to study, the height of the desk must be moderate. Too high or too low will make children uncomfortable and unable to concentrate on their study. The chair must match the desk and be comfortable to sit on

the position of the desk is very particular in Feng Shui, mainly including the following points:

(1) the desk should be placed on the left side in front of the window. On the one hand, the light in front of the window is sufficient and the air is fresh, which can make the reader refreshing and happy. On the other hand, it can also effectively avoid the distraction of people and traffic outside the window. If the light is too strong, you can put down the curtains

(2) the desk should face the door. The door is facing and the outside is the bright hall. This arrangement can make the master sober and smart, but it must not be rushed directly

(3) the desk seat should be seated behind the back, with the wall as the backing, which was called Leshan in ancient times. In this way, learning and working can avoid looking back and concentrate

(4) the back door of the desk seat is not suitable. The back door of the desk seat makes it difficult to concentrate and affects the efficiency of learning and work

(5) the desk should not be placed in the middle of the study. The desk is placed in the middle of the study. It is unreliable and empty in all directions, which is not conducive to mental concentration and is difficult to create a quiet learning and working environment

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