How should the porch be afforested to facilitate house transportation

The porch is the place where guests give their first impression after entering the gate, which represents the ” Face ” , At the same time, the porch also plays an important role in Feng Shui. It is a very important place in the house and needs to be carefully arranged

greening at the entrance is better. On the one hand, it beautifies the environment and makes guests feel green and refreshed after entering the door

on the other hand, putting some auspicious green plants is also conducive to transportation. In the form of layout of porch greening, the combination of separate and stylish trees, large potted plants and some small potted flowers can be used for porch greening

in the selection of plants, it is best to choose evergreen plants with strong vitality, such as iron tree, fortune tree, HuangJinGe and banyan, and small potted plants, such as orchid, Chlorophytum, evergreen, etc. Evergreen plants visually give people a verdant scene, which is conducive to the functions of keeping the house safe and prosperous in Feng Shui

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