Feng Shui precautions of the gate

We all know that whether the feng shui of the house is good or not will directly affect our life and fortune. Let’s take a look at the feng shui of the home decoration door

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Feng Shui Encyclopedia of home decoration doors

10 Feng Shui taboos for door decoration

door Feng Shui 1: two doors cannot be opposite

taboo: nowadays, the structure of many modern houses is the pattern of two doors relative, that is ” Opposite door brake ” ;. This will lead to conflict and lead to the return of one of them. Usually 1. The one with a small door retreats; 2。 Retreat with small space in the door; 3。 If there are few people in the door, retreat; 4。 The popularity field inside the door is weak

solution method:

(1) a six character truth Seven Star array can be placed in the gate to stabilize the gas field of house transportation. Or hang a mirror of the nine palaces and eight trigrams inside the door to add good fortune in case of good fortune and turn evil into evil in case of evil

(2) if the two doors in your home are opposite, such as the door is opposite to the bedroom (bedroom decoration effect drawing), it is recommended to often close the two doors, or hang the door curtain on the two doors, so as to slow down the speed of air flow in and out of the two doors, so as to achieve the effect of stable air flow

gate Feng Shui 2: elevator doors should not be seen in the gate

taboo: Nowadays, in many high-rise elevator rooms, the common gate is facing the elevator door. This pattern is like a tiger opening its mouth to bite people, which is called the opening brake. Opening and closing cause gas field instability, main accident disaster and wealth leakage effect

solution method:

(1) place Guan Gong in the gate to prevent disasters

(2) a seven star array is placed in the gate to stabilize the house and stabilize the gas field of the house

(3) a string of five emperor coins, six emperor coins and ten emperor coins can be placed under the doormat

Feng Shui III of the gate: the gate should not be facing the window

taboo: if you can see the opposite window at the gate, the air inlet and outlet of the house are opposite to each other, and the air enters and goes, and the money comes and goes. Therefore, it is a typical pattern of money leakage without gathering gas

solution method:

(1) door to window, opaque screens can be placed between doors and windows

(2) block the window. If it cannot be blocked, it is recommended to block it with plywood wall or shutter

(3) place this position under the threshold or foot pad of the gate ” Five emperors money, Six emperors and ten emperors are acceptable

door Feng Shui 4: the door should not be on the kitchen

taboo: the kitchen (kitchen decoration effect drawing) is where a Treasury is located. If you see the kitchen when you enter the door, it means money leakage, high cost and family disharmony, and even affect the health of the hostess of the house. If it is impractical to change the door, you can try the following methods


(3) a string of five emperor coins, six emperor coins and ten emperor coins can be placed under the foot pad in the gate

(2) place a pair of ” Glorious elephant, Head outward to absorb the leaked Qi

(1) an opaque screen can be placed between the door and the kitchen

door Feng Shui 5: the door should not be on the bathroom

taboo: the entry is the bathroom (bathroom decoration effect drawing), then the foul gas rushes directly, resulting in bad luck and affecting the health of the family

solution method:

(1) set a screen between the gate and the toilet

(2) hang ” in the toilet; Tiger head mahogany Bagua mirror ” ;; Hang a string on the toilet door or put it under the floor mat: five emperor copper coins, six emperor copper coins or ten emperor copper coins

Feng Shui VI of the gate: the light at the gate should not be too dark

taboo: dark light is most likely to breed Yin evil, which makes the family sick and ill, and the family has bad luck. If the artificial light source is not good, it can be solved

solution method

solution method:

you can install a white light in front of the door; The porch inside the door (porch decoration effect drawing) is best equipped with a combination lamp with 8 lights, and yellow light is the most appropriate

door Feng Shui 7: the door should not see the downward stairs

taboo: in modern (modern decoration effect drawing) houses, it often happens that the door is open and facing the downward stairs (stair decoration effect drawing), which is commonly known as ” Roller shutter water, He committed a serious leak of wealth and gas

solution method:

(1) at the entrance of the gate, place a pair of glorious elephants or golden toads with their heads facing outward to absorb the leaked gas

(2) a string of five emperor coins, six emperor coins and ten emperor coins can be placed under the threshold or floor mat at the door

(3) if the house luck is already very bad, you can put a secret magic nine turn heaven and earth Golden Toad in the gate

gate Feng Shui 8: the gate should not be seen as a circular arch

taboo: the circular arch is generally set up for ancient palaces or public facilities. If ordinary people set up a circular arch, they will feel uncomfortable and unprovoked pressure. They will often feel out of breath and difficult to move forward due to bad luck

solution method:

(1) the best solution is to flatten the circular part

(2) if it cannot be leveled, a string of ” can be hung at both ends of the door; Five emperors money ” ; Resolve, six emperor money, ten emperor money can be

Feng Shui IX of the gate: the gate should not be pressed by the beam

taboo: if the beam passes parallel above the gate or door and presses the door, the personnel at home will often have inexplicable pressure, headache, long-term depression and difficult luck

solution method:

(1) hang a string of ” on both sides of the beam; Five emperors money ” ; Resolve, six emperors’ money and ten emperors’ money; Place a ” under the beam; Copper Feng Shui gourd ”

Feng Shui 10 of the gate: there should be no high-rise buildings in front of the gate

taboo: there are high-rise buildings in front of the house, which are blocked as soon as you go out, and there is a sense of oppression facing the mountain. The future of a criminal is blocked and his family’s fortune is difficult to prosper

the door of Feng Shui common sense of home decoration Feng Shui

the ancients said that there were more doors and more wives and concubines at home. Now, it may increase the threat of an affair. Especially for large-area houses, it is best not to subdivide into small space patterns. First, the layout is complicated, and second, more rooms and more doors will increase accordingly

except that the front door cannot face the mirror directly, many families will install mirrors here. The position of the mirror can not be anywhere, and it is absolutely not advisable to face the front door. The mirror has the function of reflection. The mirror facing the door will reflect the wealth and luck in the house and the filth outside the house

the road outside the door is also very important. It is the only way for families and visitors, which directly affects fortune and other fortunes. Try to keep the road bright and tidy without being blocked. It’s bad luck to be cramped in front of the door

there should not be too many ornaments around the door, and it is not allowed to decorate at will. For example, accessories such as lion’s head are not applicable to all families. It is OK for someone to be an official at home. Ordinary people don’t need to make the right match. Although mirrors and peach trees can ward off evil spirits and drive away evil spirits, they are not placed at will. They involve all aspects of home feng shui and the eight characters of the owner’s birthday. They need special guidance. Don’t be self defeating

family door Feng Shui common sense

the sitting direction of the door needs to be determined according to the direction of the door. When we stand in the house and face the direction of the gate, one direction we face is: to; On the contrary, the relative orientation is: Sit:

1. Zhenzhai sits in the East and the gate faces west

2. Xun house sits in the southeast and the gate faces northwest

3. Leave the house to sit in the South and the gate to the north

4. Kunzhai sits in the southwest and the gate faces northeast

5. Sit in the West and the gate faces east

6. The dry house sits in the northwest and the gate faces southeast

7. Kanzhai sits in the north and the gate is to the south

8. Gen house sits in the northeast and the gate faces southwest

heart piercing sword: if the gate is facing the corridor or passage of the house, its shape is like a sharp sword. This pattern is called Heart piercing sword. If the depth inside the house is less than the length of the corridor, it is the maximum. The main way to resolve the problem is to install a screen inside to close the effect of changing the door, so as to avoid its edge. If the house is on the ground floor and the gate is facing the road, trees and flowers can be planted to mellow the external force

stair return: if the gate is facing the stairs, two different patterns will be formed. First, the opposite stairs are downward, and the wealth of the family is likely to flow downward. Therefore, a screen should be set behind the door to prevent the outflow of internal wealth; Another situation is that if the stairs are facing upward, there is no need to worry about the outflow of wealth. For example, placing large leaf plants such as fortune tree and money tree in the door can lead wealth into the house

elevator suction: the door is facing the elevator and just makes a rush. Originally, the house was a place for gathering and nourishing qi, but now it is directly facing the elevator. The gas in the house is between its opening and closing, and is absorbed and scattered to other places. It can be said that it is taboo. Therefore, a screen should be set behind the door to let out the air

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