Location of restaurant Feng Shui

The restaurant is an important place to promote the harmonious coexistence of family members. A good layout of the restaurant will be conducive to the cohesion of family affection and the role of prosperous houses and people. China ” Eat ” ; Culture is world-famous. Eating is a very important ritual behavior in Chinese culture. The whole family must have a meal every day before they can feel harmonious. The restaurant shall adopt bright decorative colors and direct lighting on the desktop with downlight to make the light bright and increase the energy of fire. The purpose is to create a pleasant and comfortable dining environment

location of the restaurant

the restaurant should be closely connected with the kitchen. The pattern of the restaurant is to send dishes from the kitchen, which will be more convenient to use. Therefore, the location of the restaurant should be a middle zone. One side of it is the living room and the other side is the kitchen

the restaurant is mainly composed of dining tables and auxiliary wine cabinets, display racks, water bars and other things. The position of the dining table is where the family stays for a long time, so there can be no ” Beam capping ” ” Beam capping ” ; It is one of the indoor peaks ” Xingsha ” , It’s best to avoid it as far as possible. Of course, the ceiling of gypsum board can also be used for shelter during interior decoration. In addition, the restaurant is also taboo to be located directly below the toilet on the upper floor, which is said to symbolize the suppression of good luck

don’t stick the table to the wall. Sticking the table to the wall gives people a ” Non standby ” ; Feeling. You can put down the chair next to the wall and then the dining table. The dining table can be placed against the wall as much as possible, just exposing the back of the chair

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