Pay attention to Feng Shui in home decoration

home decoration is closely related to Feng Shui , which has been proved in ancient feng shui theory. For example, when beams and columns are pressed against the top, false ceiling can be used to decorate and cover the beam, or the beam and wardrobe can be wrapped up. If it is not easy to set up false ceiling or wardrobe, six emperors’ copper coins can be hung on the beam to dissolve the evil spirit

home decoration and Feng Shui

home decoration and Feng Shui

Gu Yun: ” Civil engineering shall not be moved without permission” ; From choosing a date to start work, moving a new site, to building, interior decoration and material selection, we should not violate or destroy the Feng Shui principle, let alone the yin-yang balance between man and nature. The bedroom is better to gather Qi for health preservation, so the things placed should not be messy. The shape of articles should be mainly rectangular, square or circular, and try not to put or less triangular or sharp angle articles. Most of these articles will make their work not smooth, easy to encounter obstacles in an affair, or have an impact on health

color matching shall be considered according to the living habits, folk customs, beliefs and taboos of Chinese people, and try not to use black, pure blue, dark gray, medium gray, pure white and other colors. The primary color of wood is the best tone. The primary color of wood makes people easy to generate inspiration and wisdom. Especially in the study, it is best to use the primary color of wood as far as possible

the sofa should be placed curved rather than straight. We take the sofa model of weiqi boutique home as a reference, and the sofa of weiqi home conforms to the letter ” U”; The characteristics of the model are that the decoration is like an advanced harbor, with one arm extending on both sides. Gather all Feng Shui in the living room in the center and protect it from left to right. Because the important position of sofa in the living room is like an important port of the country. It must be able to receive as much water as possible before it can flourish. Therefore, the furnishings of the sofa should also be like the advanced harbor, with one arm stretched out on both sides. If the sofa is a straight row, it will be like a strong man’s broken arm, which is difficult to do anything

those painted pink at home: it is a fierce color. Pink is easy to make people feel irritable, prone to quarrels, and frequent disputes and quarrels; In particular, the newly married couple, in order to adjust the atmosphere in the boudoir, seems very romantic in Mrs. fan’s eyes

however, with the disharmony of the color, after a period of time, the two people will have inexplicable anger. They are easy to quarrel over trivial matters, and finally embark on the path of divorce. Today’s social divorce rate is so amazing, which also accounts for a large proportion. Therefore, designers should pay attention to that it is best not to use this color, and this color will also cause neuropathy

home decoration and daylighting

for rooms where the room is not open enough, materials with strong permeability such as glass and metal can be used, because due to the limitation of space, alternative materials will destroy the overall softness and warmth. Although this space is not made of glass or metal decorative materials, they are all close to transparency. The partition next to the dining table adopts hollow out design, which not only plays a decorative effect, but also makes the space have a sense of visual extension. In addition, the texture of the furniture in the room is very consistent with that of the floor tiles. This combination makes the space form a whole and enlarges the height and width of the space

rooms with poor daylighting will appear dark and obscure. According to decoration experts, light colored floors, ceramic tiles and other decoration materials should be considered as much as possible in the decoration of such rooms. Such materials have a sense of reflection and can adjust the dark light of the room. The heavy color system is not necessarily unable to be used in the small house type space. The partial use of heavy color has the function of emphasis and contrast. Its strength contrast with the light color system can increase the sense of hierarchy of the space

in some small houses, corridors connecting the living room and bedroom or bathroom will be designed, and the location of some corridors will be far away from the windows, resulting in poor light in the corridors. Such channels can generally be adjusted by soft lighting. Experts said that it is not suitable to use a large number of spotlights in the aisle, because the effect of spotlights is to focus on a certain object, which will be too dazzling in the aisle. If you pass through the aisle at night and turn on the spotlight, the human eye will be very uncomfortable

home decoration design and safety prevention

too many spotlights are easy to cause potential safety hazards. Although these spotlights seem to have a small wattage, they accumulate a lot of heat on small lamps, which will produce high temperature in a short time, and it is easy to cause fire over time. Secondly, these spotlights are usually only turned on when guests come, or only used during New Year holidays. In addition, they are usually not used. Many comrades who installed spotlights regretted it and thought it was a mistake to spend money on it

the floor height of modern ordinary houses is generally no more than 3m, but the per capita height is increasing. In addition, some people also like to do ceiling decoration in the living room. The space height will be lower, which will bring great pressure to people and also make people feel depressed. At this time, the best way to deal with it is to leave a Tianchi Lake. The visual effect of low around and high in the middle will make the owner a lot easier. If a crystal chandelier is installed in the center of Tianchi Lake, it will not only be resplendent, but also make the finishing point. If the light is too dim, a fluorescent lamp can be installed in the dark groove around the ceiling, which will not be particularly dazzling after the light comes out

with the development of electrical appliances, there will be more and more household appliances. Once there are new appliances without sockets, it is difficult to install them again. Secondly, when using power plugs for electrical equipment, try to avoid using several plugs at the same time. A few plugs and several pieces of equipment are used together, which is easy to cause accidents. The correct approach is to reasonably place the power plugs according to the housing area and the design of professional electricians, and then integrate the actual number of household electrical appliances, and leave some standby plugs for capacity expansion

floor tiles are wear-resistant parts. If they are too cheap, they will not be wear-resistant. Over time, floor tiles will be stamped. Secondly, too cheap floor tiles are not anti-skid and are easy to slip, causing accidental injury. Therefore, when buying floor tiles, they should be at least medium-sized or above

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