What should I pay attention to when putting the washing machine in the kitchen

The ancients believed that the kitchen was where the kitchen king was and a very sacred place. If you put the washing machine in the kitchen, washing dirty clothes is like violating the sacred Kitchen God, which will affect people’s luck. Therefore, if you must put the washing machine in the kitchen, it is best to move the washing machine outside the kitchen when washing things

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the stove in the kitchen should not be too close to water, which is incompatible with water and fire. If they are too close, water and fire will collide, which is not conducive to the harmony of Feng Shui in the kitchen” Two water and one fire ” ; It is taboo. For example, the stove is sandwiched between the sink and the washing machine, which is very inconsistent with the setting of home feng shui. Two grams of water and one fire will cause great waste and be extremely unfavorable to the health of the family

if the position of the pool or stove in the kitchen can be set properly, it can bring great convenience to users. Some families place the pool or stove close to the corner of the wall. If the operator doesn’t rely on you to cook food freely when cooking, he will often touch the wall, which is very inconvenient to move. Therefore, the pool or stove should be placed at least 40 cm from the side excitation wall

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