What are the taboos of transforming the kitchen

Sometimes out of consideration of practical needs, people often transform the kitchen at home. During the transformation, pay attention not to put the kitchen in the middle of the whole house, or cover the room after the kitchen. Avoid making the original position of the back kitchen into the middle of the house, which will not only hinder the ventilation of the kitchen, but also affect the home transportation of the owner. Because the kitchen is most forbidden to be closed. No matter the window, balcony or patio, at least one side should face the open place

generally speaking, the location of the restaurant and the kitchen should be adjacent to avoid being too far away. Of course, it is better to be a restaurant as soon as you leave the kitchen, which can avoid consuming too much meal time. Generally, the restaurant at home should not be located in the kitchen, because the oil fume and heat in the kitchen are large, so you can’t eat happily

the dead corner of the kitchen is not only easy to accumulate ash, but also easy to hide and breed insects, so it should be avoided as far as possible. In the design, the closed design of hanging kitchen and gas cabinet can be adopted as much as possible, which not only makes use of the space, but also avoids dead corners. It not only does not hide dirt and dirt, but also makes the kitchen look more sanitary and beautiful. This layout also meets the requirements of Feng Shui

the kitchen is a place for making food for the whole family. It is especially required to be clean and never let the sewage overflow everywhere. There will always be a water outlet on the ground of the kitchen. In addition, when arranging the drainage pipe network, the sewage will flow from the to the back. At this time, we should pay special attention to the taboo of kitchen layout, let the sewage in the bathroom flow under the kitchen, and of course, we can’t set a stove above the water channel

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