How should the stove be placed

I. stove orientation

an auspicious orientation should be selected for placing the stove. When setting the stove, you should also pay attention to avoiding some places where it is difficult to set the stove

1. Do not put it under the beam

as a place for cooking food, the stove should not be set under the beam, otherwise it will not only feel suppressed, but also the heat emitted by the stove will directly hit the beam, indicating that there is heat on the head, causing anxiety in the whole family

2. Don’t put it under the water pipe

the stove can’t be under the water pipe. Water and fire collide, which will affect financial luck

3. Do not place it under the toilet

the stove should not be located under the toilet on the upper floor. The foul gas in the toilet will affect the stove

4. Don’t let the stove have nothing to rely on.

when placing the stove, the back must be a solid wall, not on a glass wall or other places that don’t rely on. Otherwise, there is nothing to rely on behind the stove, which will affect the family health, marriage and fame of the stove owner

5. Do not put it in the center of the kitchen. The stove is not suitable to be set in the center of the kitchen, otherwise it will lead to excessive fire in the center of the kitchen, which will affect the mood of the family and may lead to family disharmony. In addition, do not open a window between the range hood and the stove, otherwise you will lose money

II. stove orientation

as for the orientation arrangement of kitchen stove, do not turn your face towards the door when cooking. This is because in Feng Shui, the orientation of traditional stoves is the entrance of firewood, and the orientation of modern stoves is the switch of stoves. If only for the kitchen, the diagonal position of the kitchen door is the direction of gas accumulation. Installing the stove here can make the stove face the door obliquely, which can not collide with the door, but also ignite the gas coming in from the door, which is conducive to house transportation

the specific installation of stoves should also be determined according to the situation of the whole house. The orientation of the stove should not be opposite to that of the house. This is the reverse pattern of carrying the house, which is an unlucky phase. It is easy to lead to right and wrong, family discord and money outflow. If it is impossible to face the stove to any auspicious side of the owner because of the kitchen layout, then you can face the stove to the mother’s side to promote family harmony

the north is water. In order to prevent water and fire from attacking the center, the stove should not be set from the south to the north, nor should it be directly facing the tuyere such as doors and windows, otherwise it will cause the reverse flow of fire and fire hazard

1. Infer the orientation of the stove from Mount 24

infer from Mount 24 that the stove should not be placed in the following five orientations: Feng Shui of Mount 24 analyzes the ” Noon ” ; Fang is prone to fire and eye disease ” Kun ” ; It will be harmful to health ” Sub ” ; Fang Yi’s family is at odds with the Northeast’s ” Gen ” ; Fang Hui is bad for health ” Dry ” ; If you want to find the best stove orientation for the family or individual, people should combine the stove with the house life or personal life diagram, and then you can calculate that the orientation of the stove is determined by the good and bad directions of the East and West four houses and the East and West four lives

the eight House faction believes that the flame of the stove can suppress the evil spirit, so the stove should sit on the auspicious side of the evil direction in order to suppress the evil spirit and absorb the auspicious spirit. According to the characteristics of the stove, the forbidden position of the East Fourth House and the East Fourth life is the suitable position of the west fourth house and the West Fourth life

3. Relationship between eight houses, fortune telling and stove orientation

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