How to put the best kitchen supplies

A clean and tidy kitchen not only makes people feel comfortable, but also conducive to family harmony and enhance the fortune of the whole family. Therefore, people should try to put the kitchen supplies in order, which is both beautiful and convenient to use

rounded corners and round edges shall be used as much as possible for food shelves, shelves and shelves to avoid impact and braking caused by sharp corners

all kinds of kitchen knives, fruit knives, chopsticks, knives and forks should be put in the drawer of the cabinet, and should not be inserted on the knife holder or hung directly on the wall

pots and shovels are essential items in the kitchen and should not be put together to avoid bad luck. After use, it must be cleaned in time and placed separately. It is best to hang the pot up. The kitchen knife and chopping board should also be picked and placed separately. Do not insert the knife on the chopping board, otherwise it will easily lead to ferocity

if there is a mortar for mashing garlic at home, do not directly place the tamping rod and mortar together after use, otherwise it is easy to cause quarrels between husband and wife. The correct placement method is to wash the mortar and put it upside down, and put the tamping rod on the bottom of the mortar. Garlic and pepper can absorb Yin Qi. Avoid hanging them in the kitchen

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