Does the living room partition have an impact on the residential Feng Shui pattern

Since most houses do not consider Feng Shui problems, there are many Feng Shui hidden dangers in modern houses, which will have a great impact on the Feng Shui and Qi transportation of residents. But even if we know these problems later, we can’t change them. For example, the door is facing the toilet. How can we change them at this time? Change the position of the gate or the toilet

optimization effect of living room partition on residential Feng Shui pattern

no matter how it is changed, it is an economic burden that ordinary families cannot bear, and some houses are not allowed to be changed at will, otherwise there will be many dangers. Therefore, in this case, the simplest way is to use the living room partition to optimize the Feng Shui pattern of the house

1. Relative doors and windows of the living room: if the doors and windows of the living room stand opposite each other, this situation is not conducive to the wind and gas storage of the living room. After all, the main Feng Shui function of the living room is to store wind and gas, and the gas from the doors and windows is in the same line. It must be air inlet and air outlet at the same time, which is naturally unfavorable to the gas field of the residence. Therefore, the use of living room partition to separate the two will be of great help to the effect of air storage and gas absorption of the residence

2. The door is facing the living room: in Feng Shui, it is considered that the door should be a little closer to the living room, so that the air field entering from the door can gather in the living room, but the living room can not be directly facing the door, which will form a situation of hedging and easily disperse the Feng Shui air field of the living room. Therefore, in this situation, the living room partition can also be used to separate the two

3. The balcony door is opposite to the living room: the Yang in the balcony is very strong, but it will also have a strong evil spirit. Therefore, if the balcony is directly opposite to the living room, it is unfavorable to the feng shui of the living room. In this case, the living room partition can also be used to separate the two, so as to avoid the evil spirit of the balcony directly entering the living room

therefore, the function of living room partition in Feng Shui is mainly to optimize the pattern in the house

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