Why keep the windows bright and clean

Some people may wonder, how can the bright and clean windows be related to residential Feng Shui? In fact, these seemingly ordinary life details have a great impact on house transportation. To have good feng shui in a place, first of all, it can provide people with a comfortable feeling. This is the essence of all Feng Shui treasures

in Feng Shui, houses are often compared to human bodies to illustrate the relationship between various components of buildings. The window is likened to human eyes, which can best reflect personal health and wisdom. If your eyes are not bright and you can’t tell right from wrong, how can you grasp all kinds of opportunities in society? The windows of the house are just like people’s eyes. They always pay attention to all factors conducive to house transportation

the indoor environment with bright and clean windows can not only bring comfortable feelings to residents, but also form an invisible aura of wisdom and promote people to make correct choices in various occasions. Moreover, if the window is piled with a thick layer of dust, under the sunlight, you can see the dust flying everywhere, and the dirty gas whirling around the window, which will not only hinder the entry of auspicious gas, but also cause certain harm to health