Feng Shui taboos for kitchen decoration

There is a great connection between the kitchen and our health, so when decorating the kitchen, we should also be connected with our body, and pay attention to the taboos while decorating. How about the Feng Shui taboos and cracking of kitchen decoration? Let’s have a look

five feng shui taboos and solutions for kitchen decoration

1. There is a beam on the kitchen stove

the stove cannot be under the beam” Qi, It is a very important philosophical concept in ancient times. It refers to a feeling that human beings can’t see or touch” Gas ” , There is gas in the space, both visible and invisible. Therefore, when the gas stove is used, it will naturally release a stream of hot gas. At this time, if there is a beam above the gas stove, it will cause air pressure. When encountering hot gas, it will make the magnetic field unstable and affect the mood and health of the cook. Naturally, it will be less interested in cooking

crack method: within the scope of economic permission, spend a little money to flatten the ceiling of the kitchen. But it’s best to avoid places where there will be pressure beams

2. There are too many sundries in the kitchen, the moving line is not smooth

the moving line in the kitchen is poor, and the long-term space compression will make people nervous and anxious; If there are too many sundries in the kitchen bottles and cans, it will dissipate one’s spiritual energy and attention. It is easy to form an overload of environmental information, form Feng Shui that is not conducive to health, affect the normal operation of the brain and nervous system, reduce human immunity, and physical pain will follow. Naturally, the person in charge of cooking at home can’t work hard to cook delicious dishes

crack method: clear out the smooth moving line and set up lockers to store miscellaneous bottles and cans

3. There is a window between the kitchen range hood and the stove

it is generally believed that opening a window between the range hood and the gas stove can help discharge the oil fume, but from the perspective of Feng Shui, it just forms a discouraged pattern, which will vent the wealth and wealth of the family. In the case of financial instability at home, in order to feed the stomach, they have to work hard for life in other places, but they can’t keep the money they earn, Form a left-handed in and right-handed out ” Passing God of wealth ” quot

crack method: choose a fire-resistant and light tight material to block the window. If this action will make the light in the kitchen too dark, it can only be used when cooking

4. The stove is close to the sink

the stove belongs to fire, which is where the food is cooked. At the same time, it also means that the family’s economy is stable and healthy. The sink belongs to water and is the place for cleaning articles. The two are close together, resulting in the confrontation between water and fire. There is often an atmosphere of disharmony between families, which affects mood, health and financial turmoil. Family relations are not good, naturally careless, let alone a family at home and happy dinner

solution: if you can separate the stove from the sink, it’s best. If there’s really no space, try to use the stove ring away from the sink, or finish the cleaning action during cooking first, and then fire and cook

5. The kitchen is facing the balcony

the balcony cannot be facing the kitchen, which is also a kind of ” Through the heart, It will weaken the reunion function at home, the husband is easy to have an affair, the wife will come out of the wall, and the children don’t like to go home

solution: make a flower rack, plant climbing plants or place potted plants to isolate the inside and outside. The curtain of the landing door of the balcony shall be pulled up as far as possible or on the moving line between the balcony and the kitchen. In principle, it shall not affect the actions of the residents, and it shall be covered by a cabinet or screen. In short, do not let the balcony go directly to the kitchen

Feng Shui taboos and solutions in the northwest corner of the decorated kitchen

1. The kitchen is a fire and impatient place. If it is in the northwest, it is easy to make the male host more irritable, and its career is naturally difficult to develop well, and there is more tongue in mouth at work

2. The kitchen is the place where the knife sees the fire. If it is in the northwest corner, the male compatriots in the family are very prone to serious cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and have the image of surgery. Whether they will be fierce or not depends on the luck of fleeting years

3. Since the northwest is the host’s location, please check whether there are furnishings such as flowers in the kitchen. If so, the men’s peach blossoms may be approaching him

4. The northwest is the main lung, and the kitchen is in the northwest, so the respiratory system of male compatriots is prone to problems

5. Fire often represents disaster in the five elements. Seeing the kitchen in the northwest corner, men in the family are prone to sudden disasters

6. The northwest corner is the kitchen, and the right leg is more prone to paralysis or diseases such as rheumatism and arthritis

7. If you see the kitchen in the northwest corner, you will spend unjustified money for no reason

8. See the kitchen in the northwest corner, and the official fortune is relatively poor

9. See the kitchen in the northwest corner, which is unfavorable to school

10. There is a kitchen in the northwest corner, which is easy to be suppressed by women, or controlled by his wife at home, or suppressed by a female boss outside

solution method

1. Change the wall color of the kitchen to earthy yellow, which can effectively solve the Feng Shui problem in the northwest corner of the kitchen

2. When using the kitchen on weekdays, be sure to turn on the exhaust fan and range hood, keep the kitchen ventilated and pay attention to the hygiene of the kitchen; The kitchen here is also forbidden to put plants. This direction is fire. If plants are put again, wood makes fire, which is an evil image plus evil

3. You can put more cans of crude salt water in the kitchen. It is better to fill it with more crude salt, and you can’t use iodized salt. It must be crude salt that has not been processed, and then fill it with water over the salt surface. Put six fifty cents copper coins on the salt, which must be old pure copper coins. Don’t cover it with a cover, so that alkaline copper can react with excess carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide molecules in the kitchen, Thus, the air flow in the kitchen can be integrated with acid and alkali, and the pH value of the air flow can be improved

4. Put a piece of yellow cardboard at the bottom of the stove, which is the five element principle of earth fire discharge. You can also hang a gourd under the stove to change disease, right and wrong and words

5. The kitchen is a place where fire flourishes. As fire conquers gold, the refrigerator is placed in the kitchen to vent the fire with gold, so as to further balance the fire of the kitchen

six Feng Shui taboos in kitchen decoration

Q: after getting married last year, I bought a medium and ancient house. Because there was no budget to renovate the old kitchen, at present, there is only one gas stove in the simple kitchen, and the gas stove is not placed against the wall. Will this affect Feng Shui

A: the gas stove has no back, and there is a risk of returning money in Feng Shui. Unless it is used for business, it is recommended to place the gas stove in the kitchen on the wall, which is also relatively safe

if the kitchen gas stove is placed against the wall at home, there will be no doubt of returning money

Q: I bought two small suites on the same floor. I wanted to break through the compartment wall, leave a kitchen in the middle, and then create a larger living room and bedroom. But my designer said that the kitchen in the middle of the house is very bad. Why

A: the center of the house is the moving line hub of the whole house. If the kitchen is set in the center, it may cause oil fume and waste gas to stay and disperse in the whole house. After a long time, the oxygen in the house will be insufficient and affect the fortune of the whole family

Q: our kitchen is super small! Although I have selected a smaller one-dimensional cabinet, the wall facing the cabinet is also filled with sundries and lockers by my wife. Will this affect my luck

A: a messy kitchen cannot bring good fortune to the family. The relative wall of the gas stove should also be kept open and tidy so as not to affect fortune

the wall opposite to the gas stove should be kept open and tidy in order to bring good luck to the family

Q: people say no ” Open the door to the stove ” , Don’t you see the kitchen as soon as you enter the door? But I’ve been renting a small suite these years. Usually when I open the door, I’ll see the kitchen. It’s really hard to avoid it! Can the kitchen in a small suite be an exception

A: it’s a common pattern to see the kitchen as soon as you enter the door. Generally, small suites are a typical example, and some large houses also have this kind of pattern. Feng Shui believes that open stoves are easy to give people the feeling of overburdened work and make people rush about for life every day. However, this problem can be solved through interior design planning, such as kitchen utensils extending slightly higher than the bar, or using design techniques such as partition screens and porch cabinets

plan the shoe cabinet and kitchen bar in the porch, cover the gas stove in the kitchen, and solve the original situation of opening the door to the stove

good luck Tips ” mdash” mdash; Make good use of the screen to dissolve Feng Shui

use the screen to block the line of sight, separate the space and improve Feng Shui conditions. In addition to paying attention to safety, the material selection should be mainly opaque, such as gold wire glass, paint baking glass, sand blasting glass, etc. try to avoid the use of transparent glass. Otherwise, even if the screen is made, you can still see the furnishings in the kitchen clearly, but it does not achieve the effect

Q: it seems that the common kitchen pattern is mainly rectangular, but my kitchen pattern is very special, which is close to square, and the kitchen equipment is facing the back balcony door. Will this have an impact on Feng Shui

A: if the kitchen is rectangular or square, it does not affect Feng Shui, but if the gas stove is opposite to the door, especially the back door, it means scattering money and making villains, which is not very good feng shui

in addition to the cupboard, the refrigerator equivalent to the ancient granary, if it faces the back door, it will cause the gangsters to steal illegally, or the motivation of friends to borrow money from themselves

good luck Tips ” mdash” mdash; The kitchen space should not be lack of corners

the square pattern is the focus of Feng Shui. Of course, the kitchen is no exception, but the square is not limited to the square, and the long and wide rectangle can also be used. As long as there are all four corners and there is no lack of corners, the conditions are met. The kitchen space with missing corners is prone to financial negligence or inexplicable loss of money, and there will also be the lack of money

Q: I recently visited a house on the Bank of the river. I’m satisfied with the price and the number of floors, but its kitchen and toilet are just on both sides of the aisle. The kitchen door is almost opposite to the toilet door. Is this Feng Shui bad for the family games

A: This is a typical kitchen door to flush toilet door, which is easy to affect the health of residents. If the gas stove in the kitchen goes to the toilet, it is not only easy to affect health, but also difficult for children to manage and teach at home

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