Feng Shui taboo for placing flowers at home


Feng Shui said: the principle of flowers in the porch area is to keep clean. Place pink flowers, which is conducive to interpersonal relations and maintain a comfortable mood. Putting a pot of red flowers on the shoe cabinet can bring good luck to the family. Yellow flowers are conducive to love, orange flowers are conducive to travel, and pink flowers are conducive to interpersonal relationships

[living room]

Feng Shui said: the living room is a place for relatives and friends to gather. You can choose some bright vases to bring a strong and lively smell to the living room. The bouquet can be appropriately larger to attract people as soon as they enter the living room, and the fragrance of flowers is pleasing to the eyes


Feng Shui said: the bedroom can provide us with quiet sleep, or a place to think and comfort our hearts. Therefore, when using vases to decorate the bedroom, the most consideration should be given to the coordination and contrast of colors. It shall be selected according to the colors of walls, ceilings, ceilings, floors, furniture and other displays in the room. If the color of the room is cold, the vase with warm color can be considered to strengthen the strong lively and lively atmosphere in the room. On the contrary, cold colored vases can be arranged to give people a sense of tranquility and serenity. In terms of texture, you should choose vases that make people feel warm, good ceramic and wooden vases. Flowers should also choose the kind of chastity and warmth


Feng Shui said: the dining table is a place to communicate with family during dinner. The height of the vase should not be too high, otherwise it will affect everyone’s sight. The vase should be placed in the center of the table so that everyone can appreciate the flowers while eating


Feng Shui said: the placement of flowers in the study should be selected according to the shape and size of the room and furniture. If the study is narrow, it is not suitable to choose varieties with too large volume, so as to avoid the feeling of crowding and depression. Place exquisite and small vases in appropriate places to play an embellishment and strengthening decorative effect. The study with a wider area can choose varieties with larger volume, such as half person high floor porcelain vases, carefully equipped with several painted glass vases, etc


Feng Shui said: the kitchen environment should first consider cleanliness and hygiene, and the flower decorations should also be clean, disease-free and odor free. In addition, because the kitchen is easy to produce oil fume, the plants placed in the kitchen should also have good anti pollution ability, such as aloe, water tower flower, kidney fern, Wan young, etc


Feng Shui said: the bathroom is the source of filth in the home, which often affects the health of the family due to the poor location of the bathroom. Placing flowers in the bathroom can not only inject vitality into the original plain space, but also dilute the uncleanness of the bathroom with the beauty and pleasing to the eyes of the flowers. It can also use the auspicious meaning of some flowers to resolve the disadvantages of the bathroom, so as to bring good luck to the owner

[wealth position]

Feng Shui said: the most important position of the living room is called wealth position in Feng Shui, which is related to the wealth, career and reputation of the whole family, so the layout and placement of wealth position can not be ignored. Placing flowers in the direction of wealth will greatly increase wealth

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