Feng Shui taboos in children’s bedroom decoration

Feng Shui in children’s bedroom has an important impact on children’s physical and mental health. Therefore, we must pay attention to Feng Shui taboos in children’s bedroom in our life; So in Feng Shui, what are the Feng Shui taboos in children’s bedroom decoration? The following is Fstips’s

What are the taboos of Feng Shui in children’s bedroom decoration

the first taboo: some parents have a daughter. Their daughters like to play with Barbie dolls and Little Princess Dolls, dress them up and dress them, but after playing, they will throw them aside and wait for their parents to clean up, and their parents are usually greedy for convenience, Put these dolls back on the drawer or the toy shelf similar to the bookshelf, and then close the door of the toy shelf. In fact, this is a taboo. Dolls in the room cannot be locked, because these dolls play with their children and have feelings, which is easy to infect the negative emotions of dolls to children

the second taboo: parents are afraid that their children will easily hurt their skin or hit their heads on the ground when they fall in the bedroom, so it is also taboo to use a long wool carpet on the floor of their children’s bedroom, because if the carpet is paved, the carpet absorbs the moisture or mildew on the ground and can’t emit it, and there is no regular sun exposure, so it is easy to transfer these moisture and mildew to their children, Lead to children’s physical weakness and easy to change bronchial diseases

the third taboo: adults believe that there must be mirrors in the room. In fact, children are different from adults. Try not to install mirrors in children’s rooms. Even if you want to install mirrors, don’t install them at the entrance, otherwise you will talk about right and wrong

the wall stickers in the fourth bedroom will disturb children’s mind, which will not lead to upset

fifth taboo: it is forbidden to use bright colors such as pink, bright red, purple and black on children’s bedroom wall, which will make children unable to concentrate and lead to mental distraction

sixth taboo: Children’s bedrooms cannot be set next to machine rooms, such as computer rooms, film rooms, etc., because it is easy to cause children’s brain neurasthenia

seventh taboo: do not build children’s rooms under the balcony, which will bring a lot of pressure to children

the eighth taboo: the ceiling of children’s bedroom should be milky white, which cannot be replaced by dark color, because dark color is the main culprit

ninth taboo: the ceiling of children’s bedroom cannot have beams, because it will bring external pressure and lack of sleep to children, and children will become depressed in the bedroom for a long time

the tenth taboo: the ceiling of children’s bedroom cannot be hung with all kinds of pendants, because the pendants are blown, which is easy to hypnotize children and make children confused and confused

the eleventh taboo: wind chimes cannot be hung in children’s bedrooms. Wind chimes also have the function of hypnosis. If children’s mind is hypnotized, they are prone to neurasthenia and damage their IQ

twelfth taboo: Children’s bedrooms should be well lit for a long time, not too dark, otherwise children will feel lonely and helpless, and become withdrawn

the thirteenth taboo: Children’s walls should not be pasted with animal portraits, warrior portraits or portraits with a bit of terror, otherwise children’s behavior will become strange, or children will become rough. It is the so-called that there must be spirit when there is action

If a child wants to grow up healthily, parents should pay attention to the living environment of the child, especially the bedroom, because the bedroom will let a person stay for a large part of his life. If there is a problem with Feng Shui in the bedroom, the people living in the bedroom will not go anywhere normally. Therefore, parents must take up this job and find a bedroom suitable for their children, Let them grow up healthily

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