What Feng Shui do you need to pay attention to in house decoration

Home decoration can not ignore Feng Shui. After all, home decoration Feng Shui is very important. It may be related to our luck, our home luck and our health! So in any case, we should pay attention to the feng shui of home house decoration. In that case, what Feng Shui should we pay attention to in house decoration

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the balcony is a piercing spirit to the kitchen

in the decoration of the house, it is necessary to avoid all kinds of evil spirits, such as piercing spirit, such as direct attack spirit, etc. from the internal pattern, ” Piercing the heart ” ; It is the most common. When the balcony of the home is facing the kitchen, this pattern will form chuanxinsha. The formation of chuanxinsha will damage the feng shui of the home. Once the feng shui of the home is destroyed or affected by chuanxinsha, this pattern will affect the fortune and wealth of the family, and will also lead to the lack of gathering Qi and wealth at home! Therefore, in the home decoration, the relative pattern between the balcony and the kitchen is unlucky and detrimental to wealth, which we should all pay attention to

decoration orientation of the mirror at home

in the decoration of the house, the decoration orientation of the mirror must also pay attention to Feng Shui! First of all, mirrors are indispensable at home, especially some women who love beauty will choose to place mirrors at home, but how much do you know about the placement of mirrors and Feng Shui? Feng Shui believes that the mirror can not be placed at the head of the bed in the bedroom. If your mirror is really placed in this way, it will only affect the Feng Shui in bed and your health. In addition, the mirror should not be placed facing the door. The door is where the airflow flows, and it is also the place where the God of wealth patronizes. If you say that the mirror is placed facing the door, the God of wealth will not enter the house. In this way, the wealth of the family will not be prosperous, and the wealth of the family will also be implicated, and the fortune of seeking wealth will be very bad. Finally, there should not be too many mirrors at home. Putting too many mirrors will lead to confusion in the atmosphere

instructions for the decoration location of the toilet

in the decoration of the house, the toilet is also an area that can not be despised, so the decoration of the toilet must also pay attention to relevant Feng Shui matters. First of all, we must pay attention to the location of the toilet. It cannot be located in the middle palace, opposite to the kitchen and facing the bedroom. We must avoid these three taboos, because once these taboos are touched, they will affect the Feng Shui aura of the house; Secondly, the location of the toilet cannot be located in the northwest. Naijia is an important house in the middle of the northwest. If the toilet is located in the northwest, it will only affect the Feng Shui in the northwest and the luck of the male owner! Therefore, the northwest is the toilet, which is also a big Feng Shui to pay attention to

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