How to choose the color Feng Shui of girls’ decorated rooms

Girls’ room decoration also needs to pay attention to some feng shui knowledge, including the choice of color, which has to be carried out in accordance with Feng Shui. Because color will also dominate the Feng Shui aura of a room, and choosing different colors will cast different Feng Shui. In that case, how to choose the color Feng Shui of girls’ decorated rooms? Let’s have a look

don’t choose pink

although many girls like pink very much, especially some girls with girlish heart, have a mysterious persistence in pink, and even choose pink to decorate their rooms, beds and decorations. In fact, from the perspective of Feng Shui, pink should be used with caution, especially in bedroom rooms, Try to use less pink. Although pink is very brilliant, lovely and girlish, pink will create an annoying atmosphere, which will make people feel irritable, upset and in a bad mood. In the long run, it will lead to your hot temper, flammability and explosion. Such personality and temper will affect your interpersonal relationships and lead to fewer and fewer friends in your life. In addition, pink is also the color of peach blossom. If some girls who already have a partner use pink, it will lead to a third party between you and your partner. If some single people use pink, it will bring you rotten peach blossoms. It can be seen that there is something wrong with the pink room

you can choose milky white

White is a very white color. Using white as the basic color of the room can make the room more worry free in matching. After all, no matter what color white is matched with, it will not appear abrupt. Secondly, white is a very elegant and simple color. From the perspective of Feng Shui, milky white, ivory and other colors are very suitable for the atmosphere of the room and bedroom. Because the bedroom is where we sleep. This place should pay attention to the elegant atmosphere, so that we can sleep more comfortably. Therefore, it is very suitable to use white in girls’ rooms

you can choose warm yellow

some warm colors are also quite suitable for use in girls’ rooms! Warm yellow is the perfect candidate. Warm yellow is a very warm color. Using warm yellow in the bedroom can make the atmosphere of the whole room very warm and let us sleep in a warm space. In addition, from the perspective of Feng Shui, warm yellow is also a color to attract wealth, which can improve the Feng Shui aura of the bedroom, so as to help us improve our wealth and fortune; It can be seen that it is quite good to use warm yellow in girls’ bedrooms

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