How to choose a suitable bedroom

Choosing the orientation of the bedroom according to the personal five elements can also play a certain role in promoting house transportation. Mainly use the five elements to infer. First, you have to calculate your own five elements

a person who lacks wood in the five elements is suitable to live in the east to supplement the wood Qi. The water in the five elements in the north is also suitable for a person who lacks wood in the five elements, while gold in the West and fire in the south are not suitable for this person

we said earlier that the western position is not suitable for the bedroom, but Feng Shui is alive and changeable. If there are five elements in the family who lack gold, living in the west can supplement the gold in the five elements; Or if there are five elements of wood in the family, living in the west can restrain the wood Qi in the five elements. These two types of people choose the western position as their bedroom, which is not bad but good, which can increase their fortune

for example, the northwest is the most suitable for husband and wife as the master bedroom, and the northwest is also gold. However, if both husband and wife lack wood in the five elements, or there is too much gold in the five elements, living in the northwest is not very good

in fact, the choice of bedroom orientation is very complex. The above several are only the most basic. To choose the best orientation, we should also combine the knowledge of geomantic omen such as Xuankong and numerology. However, with these knowledge as a reference, residents can infer the approximate location that is more suitable for them

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