What kind of environment can flourish outside the window

The window is the eye of the room. The scenery people watch from the window will directly affect the mood of living. Different environments outside the window bring different psychological feelings to residents, and bring different house transportation to the house at the same time. So, what landscapes can bring good luck to residents

first, there is water outside the window. A good water shape can not only bring wealth to the house, but also bring a comfortable feeling to the residents. When you open the window, you can see the flowing river, clear pool, clean swimming pool and beautiful lake, which will be conducive to financial luck. The surrounding roads and parking lots are the symbols of water shape in the city. It’s also good to see these scenes when opening windows, but pay attention not to be too close to these places, and avoid vehicle exhaust pollution and noise pollution

Second, see green outside the window. When you open the window, you can see green plants such as trees and lawns, or green gardens such as parks, which can well alleviate the pressure, bring fresh and flowing air to the room, and be beneficial to the physical and mental health of residents

Third, there is a spacious place outside the window. If the window is spacious, the vision is wide, which is conducive to career development. If there is a campus stadium outside the window, it is better to often feel the spirit of sports

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