Is it suitable for home decoration, feng shui bathroom and kitchen

Many people are not satisfied with the original home pattern and house type, and will change it through decoration; For example, many people will decorate the balcony into a study and transform the bathroom of the bedroom into a cloakroom; But in fact, these decoration and transformation have to pay attention to Feng Shui. Is it appropriate to transform the bathroom into a kitchen in the decoration of the home

toilet to kitchen Feng Shui

because many house types today are equipped with two bathrooms, many people want to transform one of the bathrooms into a kitchen and then transform the kitchen into a small bedroom or study. Is this transformation in line with Feng Shui? In fact, in geomantic omen, the bathroom can not be transformed into a kitchen, because the foul gas, moisture, odor and Yin of the bathroom itself are very deep, and the bathroom is a place to hide dirt. Transforming the bathroom into a kitchen is afraid to have a very serious impact on the geomantic omen of the kitchen. More importantly, the kitchen is a very important area in the home. The kitchen dominates the health and wealth of the family. I’m afraid this transformation will have a great impact on the health and wealth of the family

in addition, many people think that when the blank room has not been used, there is no evil gas, moisture and filth in the bathroom, so it is not inappropriate to transform it into a city government! But in fact, in today’s commercial housing, the pattern of the same unit of a building is the same, that is to say, the upstairs and downstairs of your toilet are toilets. If you transform the toilet into a kitchen, you will inevitably be affected by the foul air from the upstairs and downstairs toilets. How to do the kitchen Feng Shui, family luck, health and financial luck will be affected to varying degrees! It can be seen that even the blank room should not transform the toilet into a kitchen

toilet and kitchen Feng Shui

in addition, in the decoration of home, the decoration Feng Shui of toilet and kitchen also needs to pay attention to a lot of stress and taboos

1. The kitchen cannot be connected with the bathroom. Therefore, Feng Shui says that the kitchen and the bathroom are mutually exclusive. If they are connected and relative, it will inevitably damage the Feng Shui Aura! Their auras are mutually exclusive, which also has a great impact on home feng shui and home transportation

2. The kitchen and bathroom cannot be located in the northwest. In the decoration of the home, you must pay attention to the orientation arrangement of the kitchen and bathroom, which need to avoid the northwest! First of all, the five elements in the northwest belong to gold, and the kitchen in the northwest will form ” Fire conquers Gold ” ; This pattern is greatly unfavorable to the Feng Shui in the northwest! Secondly, the toilet is too dirty. It is located in the northwest, which will also bring a very bad feng shui aura

if you can fully understand these stresses and taboos, you can avoid the minefields in Feng Shui and create a better home feng shui

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