Kitchen decoration Feng Shui precautions

Kitchen decoration is also very learned, which is not only to consider the beauty and practicability, but also to meet the relevant Feng Shui requirements. Some decoration that looks beautiful but actually destroys Feng Shui is certainly undesirable. So what Feng Shui problems should we pay attention to when decorating the kitchen? Now let’s learn more through the article introduction

1. The kitchen light is dark

the dark light in the kitchen is not good. Such a kitchen will reduce the learning fortune of residents, which is easy to be influenced by others in learning, and the problem of inability to concentrate will slowly show up. At this time, if there are students in the household, they will have more interest in eating, drinking and playing, but they are less and less motivated to learn this kind of thing, which will affect their academic performance and their luck in the exam

2. There is a beam on the kitchen stove

the stove cannot be under the beam” Qi, It is a very important philosophical concept in ancient times. It refers to a feeling that human beings can’t see or touch” Gas ” , There is gas in the space, both visible and invisible. Therefore, when the gas stove is used, it will naturally release a stream of hot gas. At this time, if there is a beam above the gas stove, it will cause air pressure. When encountering hot gas, it will make the magnetic field unstable and affect the mood and health of the cook. Naturally, it will be less interested in cooking

3. Avoid corners and beams and columns

sharp corners and beams and columns should be avoided in Feng Shui taboos in the kitchen, which are called ” Poison arrow, Will radiate evil spirit, so they will use furniture and bonsai to dissolve the corner of the house, and avoid sitting under the beam. If these cannot be avoided, two bamboo Xiao can be hung on the beam with a red rope. The bamboo Xiao is opposite at an angle of 45 degrees, and the Xiao mouth is facing down, so as to dissolve the evil spirit; It can also be equipped with elevation lighting, which can be directly directed to the roof beam to solve the problem

4. There are too many sundries in the kitchen, the moving line is not smooth

the moving line in the kitchen is poor, and the long-term space compression will make people nervous and anxious; If there are too many sundries in the kitchen bottles and cans, it will dissipate one’s spiritual energy and attention. It is easy to form an overload of environmental information, form Feng Shui that is not conducive to health, affect the normal operation of the brain and nervous system, reduce human immunity, and physical pain will follow. Naturally, the person in charge of cooking at home can’t work hard to cook delicious dishes

5. Kitchen related furnishings

cabinets, stoves, range hoods, disinfection cabinets, etc. are best placed on the left or back of the kitchen. Because the left is the position of green dragon, it is the main wealth; After that, it is Xuanwu, which is the master of health. Therefore, placing items such as stove in these two directions can bring health and wealth to the family

no matter what room in the home, it’s best to understand the relevant Feng Shui before decoration. Creating a good kitchen feng shui will not only make the environment look more beautiful, but also bring us many positive Feng Shui effects. I believe you will know more through the introduction of the above article

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