Key points of modern kitchen feng shui knowledge

If you want to decorate the feng shui of the kitchen well, you must pay attention to the relevant feng shui knowledge and understand thoroughly the feng shui of the kitchen. In this way, you can make better use of Feng Shui and create a good kitchen feng shui through feng shui knowledge. What are the key points of modern kitchen feng shui knowledge in Feng Shui? Let’s see what the relevant articles say

key points of knowledge on modern kitchen Feng Shui

I. pattern

from the perspective of Feng Shui, the kitchen is different from other rooms. The pattern of the kitchen should be square, the pattern of rectangle and square is the best, and it is easy to decorate. It is not suitable to have the shape of missing corner and convex corner. If the special shape cannot be avoided due to the architectural design of the house, it is best to use furniture or bonsai for shielding

II. Location

the kitchen should be located between the living room and the kitchen, in the center of the house. Remember that the kitchen is located directly below the upper floor and the toilet, otherwise the good of the kitchen will be suppressed. It is also not allowed to directly face the front door and back door. The windows on the left and right walls of the kitchen should not be directly opposite, because the air will only pass through the opposite window from one window, commonly known as draught. Such a pattern should not be conservative and is not conducive to the gas transportation of housing

III. decoration

the kitchen should adopt bright color decoration and bright lighting. From the perspective of color, yellow represents appetite, so many people will use dark yellow lights to decorate the kitchen. At the same time, it also shows wealth and atmosphere, which is an elegant and low-key

IV. table shape

the shape of the table has important Feng Shui significance. The table is preferably a regular figure. The common table shapes include circle, ellipse, rectangle and square. It symbolizes unity and prosperity. If a square table is used, avoid sitting at the corner of the table

Put a mirror in the kitchen

put a mirror in the dining area to reflect the food on the table, which has the effect of doubling wealth. This is also the only place in the home where you can hang a mirror to reflect the food. If there is a mirror in the kitchen, it is easy to cause accidents or fire

kitchen feng shui knowledge is the most important part of Chinese traditional culture. In fact, the so-called timing, geography and harmony between people are not unreasonable. Understand some kitchen feng shui knowledge and make a good layout of your kitchen

analysis and explanation of the key points of knowledge about Feng Shui in modern kitchens

explanation of feng shui knowledge in open kitchens 1: it is difficult to gather Qi if the opening is not convergent

the statement that the room is too large or too small does not gather Qi also applies to kitchens. Not gathering Qi means that it is difficult to accumulate wealth and popularity is not very prosperous. Generally, feng shui masters usually suggest that the kitchen be placed in the four evil sides of the parents’ fortune telling. The good and bad luck of the stove is always judged. Modern geomantic omen takes the mouth of fire as the direction of the stove, and its criterion is to sit evil to auspiciousness. The Yang generated by the fire helps to reconcile the filth of the evil side and improve its geomantic omen

explanation of feng shui knowledge in open kitchen 2: the hearth shall be located on the left side of the wall as far as possible

according to the ” There is a back ” ; The basic principle is that the stove should not be left helpless behind. Some families like to build the stove alone in the middle of the house for convenience, which is actually very bad

explanation of feng shui knowledge in open kitchen 3: behind the stove is the window, which is easy to leak money

many open kitchens do not rely on the wall for the stove or pool, and some are close to the window for the consideration of light. The obvious impact of this layout on Feng Shui is not gathering gas and leaking money

explanation of feng shui knowledge of open kitchen 4: yellow and beige are the main colors

in order to make up for the lack of money leakage of open kitchen, it is suggested to use the principle of five elements in the decoration color, and use the yellow and beige colors of the five elements to generate gold, so as to attract money and gather money

explanation of feng shui knowledge in open kitchen 5: no bar

from the perspective of Feng Shui, it is not recommended to set up a bar indoors unless fate likes water. Because the bar will naturally be equipped with some drinks, and water means wealth, according to ” Wealth is not exposed ” ; According to the principle of Feng Shui, it’s best not to set up a bar

many small houses design the kitchen as an open kitchen, which saves limited space, but we must pay attention to the explanation of feng shui knowledge in the open kitchen. Do not understand the knowledge of open kitchen Feng Shui, violate the problem of kitchen Feng Shui, and lead to bad luck

explanation on the key points of modern kitchen Feng Shui item placement

1. Kitchen item Feng Shui ” mdash” mdash; Electric rice cooker

electric rice cooker is used to cook rice, so it directly affects people’s vitality and wealth. The rice made by the dirty electric rice cooker can not give full vitality and wealth, so it is very important to keep the electric rice cooker clean

2. Kitchen items Feng Shui ” mdash” mdash; Cleaning cloth

cleaning cloth has two functions: one is to clean the kitchen and restaurant, and the other is to connect various interpersonal relationships. If the cleaning cloth is dirty and broken, there will be malicious people approaching, and the owner is easy to get involved in disputes

3. Kitchen items Feng Shui ” mdash” mdash; Knives

all kinds of kitchen knives or fruit knives in the kitchen should not be hung on the wall or inserted on the knife holder, but should be put in the drawer and put away. Garlic, onion and pepper should not be hung in the kitchen, because these things will absorb Yin Qi

4. Kitchen items Feng Shui ” mdash” mdash; Pot and shovel

I believe you should be confused when you see this. What’s Feng Shui about pot and shovel? In our daily life, because the frying pan and shovel are basically inseparable, and the cooking of three meals a day should be used. So some people are lazy and simply put the shovel in it after washing the pot every time, so they can use it directly next time. It’s easy to put things together when there is a large population, but it’s not easy to deal with them together

5. Kitchen items Feng Shui ” mdash” mdash; Chopsticks

chopsticks are also standing at home. They are the main tableware of Chinese people, but they should also be paid attention to when they are placed in the kitchen. It is best to place them horizontally in the storage box. If the chopsticks are placed vertically, they will be like a sharp sword, full of evil spirit, and looking at the sharp chopsticks will also make people feel uncomfortable. If they are not placed horizontally, they will make people feel mild. And the horizontal placement is also more stable

6. Kitchen items Feng Shui ” mdash” mdash; Teapot

from the perspective of Feng Shui, Feng Shui in the kitchen has a very close relationship with the hostess, and the teapot in the kitchen is directly related to the hostess’s health. Therefore, try not to put the teapot next to the microwave oven, and there can’t always be old water in it. After use, the water should be poured clean, and vinegar should be used regularly to clean the tea scale

7. Kitchen items Feng Shui ” mdash” mdash; Plants

generally, the smell of oil smoke in the kitchen is relatively heavy, so we will put some plants to purify the air. However, when placing, we should also pay attention to some Feng Shui taboos. For example, conifers cannot be placed, and plants with toxicity cannot be placed. On the East, Southeast and South windowsills, sunny plants should be placed. On the contrary, shade loving plants should be placed on the north or northwest windowsills. Only in this way can the plants grow healthily and bring good luck to the family

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