What is the best color for doors and windows

The choice of door and window color should be carried out according to the principle of five elements Shengke. Yin Yang and five elements are the ancient view of the universe and the theoretical basis of geomancy and traditional Chinese medicine. The ancients believed that the five elements are the basic elements of all things in the world. The mutual generation and restriction between the five elements is a necessary condition for the balance of nature. Once the five elements are out of balance, it will lead to disaster. Chinese medicine believes that the spleen belongs to the five elements of the liver, which belongs to the universe, and the liver belongs to the five elements of the liver, which also belongs to the theory of fire. Only when the Qi of the five elements in the body is kept in balance can the human body be healthy. The color can also be divided into five elements: Black belongs to water, red belongs to fire, white belongs to gold, yellow belongs to soil, and green belongs to wood. The choice of door and window color should be carried out from the owner’s five element attributes and physical condition

in addition, some colors are not suitable for the color of the gate:

① the gate with too much red is the least desirable. It’s a terrible signal. Many people refuse to resist the door with red when it’s overcast. This is a great mistake. On the contrary, it leads to disaster, family and population discord, and more to prevent official litigation. It’s a move to ask for trouble

② blue and black, both of which attract Yin, cause disease and return wealth

③ paint the door with earthy yellow, which is recognized by the ancient Feng Shui elders as five yellow, honest, Five ghosts and evil spirits. More than half of them are of this color. After the five yellow stars and five black stars are stacked temporarily, the disease comes with it. But if you use bright pure yellow, the Lord will be lucky and safe, and you can also attract money

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