How to put Feng Shui in TV cabinet

People who know about Feng Shui know that the placement of furniture can not be careless. We often pay attention to the placement of various items in the living room, but ignore the placement of TV cabinet. The placement position of TV cabinet and various matters will have an impact on the overall Feng Shui. So you can refer to the following questions to learn how to place

the TV cabinet is lower than the sofa

many people choose the same height when they choose the TV cabinet and sofa, but in fact, this is not good from the perspective of Feng Shui. The so-called high is the mountain and the low is the water. We generally place the sofa in the high position, that is, the so-called mountain. Then the TV cabinet should be placed lower than the sofa, that is, water. In Feng Shui, water represents wealth, so only when the TV cabinet is placed correctly can the wealth of the family be improved

the TV cabinet is narrower than the sofa

the selection and placement of the TV cabinet must be lazy in combination with the sofa at home. The height of the TV cabinet cannot exceed the width of the sofa, which is not unreasonable. In Feng Shui, this is related to the overall stress on the air field. People should be wider than the opposite in a section, so the width of the sofa must exceed the position of the TV cabinet, Otherwise, it will be controlled by the opposite gas field in Feng Shui, so the opportunity of residents will fall into the hands of others

the TV cabinet cannot be placed on the wealth position

generally, the wealth position we call is the position of making money, which is a very important position in the family. Generally speaking, the wealth position is located in the front right corner of the gate. If the TV cabinet is placed in this position, it will have an impact on the wealth of the family, because this wealth position is related to the wealth of the whole family. This position is more suitable for clean A little cleaner. If the noisy items such as TV cabinet are placed in the wealth position, it will also be related to the wealth and fortune of the whole family

the TV cabinet should not be too full

many people will put a lot of items on the TV cabinet, such as some stereos or sundries. Large wine cabinets and other cabinets are also placed on the walls on both sides, including a lot of wine bottles and some commemorative items. It may not be good to put them so full. What we need to pay attention to is that the items of pen holder magnetic field in Feng Shui are in the same space as the house, then the indoor magnetic field will become very chaotic and the owner’s gas field will not be smooth

placed directly in front of the sofa

in fact, when placing the TV cabinet, it is more suitable to be placed directly in front of the sofa or slightly offset, because the sofa is in the focus position at home and needs to be placed in an auspicious position

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