What Feng Shui items should be paid attention to when putting home wardrobe

The wardrobe itself is the essential furniture in the bedroom, so we certainly need to pay more attention when placing the wardrobe. There are some taboos when placing the wardrobe. We must understand that if Feng Shui doesn’t pay attention to the placement of the wardrobe, it must be detrimental to the health of the residents. Attention should be paid to these problems

the mirror on the wardrobe can’t be opposite to the bed

now many wardrobe will be equipped with large dressing mirrors, which can also facilitate us to see the effect when we wear and match everyday, which is also conducive to our clothing matching. However, if the wardrobe with a mirror is installed, we need to avoid the mirror facing the bed when placing it, otherwise it is easy to cause mental problems, And it is not conducive to people’s sleep, and even cause us some trouble

can’t be placed next to the bathroom

the wardrobe itself is suitable to be placed in some ventilated and dry places. If the bathroom is right next to the wardrobe, it is easy to get damp, the quality of the wardrobe is also easy to have problems, and the wardrobe is also easy to get moldy, and the clothes in the wardrobe will have a smell, In the long run, the owner is also likely to have a variety of chronic diseases, as well as some problems of rheumatoid arthritis, especially some cardiovascular and cerebrovascular problems. It is best to stay away from the location of the toilet, and what needs to be prevented is excessive humidity and cold

can not be placed in the back sun position

another point is that the wardrobe is best not to be placed in some dark corners of the bedroom. Usually, we also know that clothes occasionally need to be taken out to bask in the sun, which can be disinfected and sterilized. However, if the location of the wardrobe is dark, the clothes are easy to get moldy, and if there is no sunshine all year round, It’s also easy to breed bacteria on clothes. It’s also particularly easy to have all kinds of diseases. Your health will certainly be affected. Moreover, when we change a pair, we need to dry it often, which is also particularly inconvenient. You should choose a place with better lighting and ventilation, but it’s best not to expose it too much

keep a certain distance between the wardrobe and the bed

if the layout in the bedroom is too compact, it is easy to make people feel oppressive. Because the wardrobe is too large, it is not suitable for us to choose the position close to the bed. The best thing is to leave a certain space with the bed. Such living will inevitably have problems, It also needs to avoid the problem of extending space, which can also reduce the sense of oppression

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