Why shouldn’t the bedroom door face the bathroom

A bedroom should have good feng shui. Naturally, it is necessary to avoid colliding with the bathroom. First of all, the bathroom is a place where dirt is hidden in the home. The foul gas is very heavy. Rushing into the room will affect the health of the family, and the foul gas will cast a layer of bad luck on people’s journey, which is very unfavorable to the development of the bedroom owner’s personal career

secondly, the bathroom is heavily wet, while the bedroom is a place for families to rest. They spend a lot of time in it every day. When they sleep, they are most vulnerable to the influence of moisture, which is the most adverse to their health In modern houses, it is also common for the bedroom door to face the bathroom. The best way to resolve it is to install a curtain on the bedroom door, which can block the moisture and filth. The doors on both sides had better not be open at the same time. Paying attention to the details of life can also weaken the impact of moisture and filth on the bedroom. In addition, potted plants in the bathroom can purify the air in the bathroom and reduce the harm to the bedroom

nowadays, many residential bedrooms are suite style, that is, the bedroom itself has a bathroom. Although such a bedroom is relatively convenient to use, it is not particularly auspicious in terms of Feng Shui, because the bathroom should have a certain distance from the bedroom. In this case, the bedroom must be arranged more carefully to minimize the harm of indoor bathroom to bedroom Feng Shui

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