Precautions for office decoration

The decoration of the office not only affects the financial fortune of the company, but also indirectly affects the career fortune of every employee. Having a good feng shui in the office can not only make you happy, but also make you rich. Generally speaking, office decoration should be mainly plain. In terms of color, we should focus on white and ivory, and avoid colors that are too bright and too miscellaneous. In addition, we should also pay attention to the following details:

Table: the size of the table is related to one’s ability to handle affairs. A larger table should be selected, which is atmospheric and conducive to developing ideas and expanding thinking. It’s best not to share a table with others. The front of the table should be curved. It’s better to have a wall at the back. If there is no wall, you can sit in a chair with a back

Desktop: a clean and tidy desktop is conducive to work and study. Sundries are the most unfavorable to Feng Shui. Try to put them in the drawer. If you are really constrained by space and can’t receive it, you should try to place it on the left. The green dragon position on the left is easy to get money

seat: the seat should be purchased according to individual needs and figure, preferably with backrest and armrest. The back of the seat should be a wall, partition or cabinet. Do not rely on the emptiness behind it

computers: computers are essential for modern people’s desks. When computers are placed on Feng Shui, attention should be paid not to put the bed in the bedroom as far as possible, which will affect people’s spirit and sleep; Don’t put it in the direction where the sun can shine directly. It’s easy to attract villains and bring disputes of words, but don’t put it in a dark position. It should be placed in the place with air circulation to make the air flow smooth, natural thinking smooth and work smoothly

wall chart: a good wall chart can definitely affect people’s subconsciousness! Don’t hang pictures with excessively fierce lines. It’s best to choose pictures with peaceful and simple lines, which can make people calm and work at ease

plants: plants can not only regulate indoor air, but also delight people’s body and mind. Cactus can prevent villains, and plants with wide leaves can increase wealth. If there is a toilet next to the office, people often come and go, and the smell can’t make people work at ease. You can put some plants between the toilet and the office to block the evil spirit and the adverse magnetic field. Plants are a common means of regulating Feng Shui

desk lamp: the desk lamp should be placed on the left side of the table, and the yellow light source is preferred

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