Introduction to decoration Feng Shui

In the near future, do you want to renovate your home? Do you know what feng shui knowledge is about decoration? Let’s take a look at the following articles

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feng shui knowledge in decoration

a complete collection of feng shui knowledge in living room decoration

1. The living room is a place to receive guests, so the correct planning is that you can see the living room as soon as you enter the door. If you need to go through the bedroom or kitchen first, you will have unclear isolation inside and outside the house, lack privacy in life, and easily derail and make mistakes in your work or business

2. The kitchen and toilet are the first to be introduced, and the house is the one to be returned. In all rooms, you will see the living room at the entrance. In modern architectural design, sometimes in order to consider the configuration of space, you often see the kitchen, dining room or bathroom first when you enter the door. This is the taboo of Yangzhai, which is also unreasonable. If you live in it, your family’s luck will decline

III. sharp objects, such as swords, firearms, medals and animal specimens, should not be hung on the wall. Because these items will produce Yin Qi, leading to quarrel or violence

IV. modern people like to hang photos on the wall of the living room, because they think beautiful photos should be placed in an obvious position. However, in Feng Shui, photos of girls and couples should not be hung in the living room, because the living room is used to greet guests, as the saying goes ” It is necessary to guard against others, If the photos of girls and hostesses are too bare, it is easy to attract danger. Therefore, according to Feng Shui tradition, it is generally not recommended to place such photos

v. in order to cater to modern decoration, many friends show off their wealth when planning and designing a new home. They like to refer to the decoration of five-star hotels, high-end restaurants or nightclubs to make the living room magnificent, but it is beautiful but not practical. Such a living room feels quite fresh at the beginning of living, but it won’t be long before you find that something is always missing. It’s better to stay at home than in a restaurant, restaurant or nightclub. This will lead to marital status. It is suggested that the principle of decorating the living room is comfort, warmth, practicality and freedom

VI. as the old saying goes, ” Bright hall and dark room, It refers to the principle that the daylighting of the living room should be bright and ventilated. In addition to being bright and ventilated during the day, the living room needs special attention that the light source must be turned on before going to bed at night. In order to save electricity, some people are used to turning off the lights in the living room if there is no one in the living room at night; Some people don’t even turn on the TV in the living room. But watching TV is different from movies after all. Lack of light for a long time will seriously damage your eyesight. And it will cause too high intraocular pressure, migraine, depression and other diseases

home decoration Feng Shui common sense home decoration must see

1. The choice of home decoration Feng Shui residence

1. The wind should not be strong and cannot hide wind and gather gas

2. Sunny and fresh air

3. The center of the house should not be polluted, such as building toilets or accumulating dirt

4. The streets and alleys should not be straight, and a good residence ” Like to whirl, avoid straight ”

5. The terrain should be flat, preferably not on the slope

6. The anti bow of the street should not be

7. Avoid cutting off evil spirits

8. Not suitable for chimney

9. It is not suitable to be in front of Yamen and behind the temple

2. The relationship between the floors of home decoration Feng Shui and the five elements

1. The first and sixth floors belong to the north and belong to water. They are suitable for the zodiac: rat, tiger, rabbit and pig

the 2nd, 2nd and 7th floors belong to the South and belong to fire. They are suitable for the zodiac: cattle, dragon, snake, horse, sheep and dog

the 3rd, 3rd and 8th floors belong to the East and belong to wood. They are suitable for the zodiac: tiger, rabbit, snake and horse

the 4th, 4th and 9th floors belong to the West and belong to gold. They are suitable for the Chinese zodiac: rat, monkey, chicken and pig

the 5th, 5th and 10th floors belong to the center and belong to the soil. They are suitable for the zodiac: ox, dragon, sheep, monkey and dog

III. bedside taboo of home decoration Feng Shui

1. It is not suitable to go west

2. It is not suitable to press the top of the beam

3. It should not be too close to the window

4. Do not face the mirror directly

5. The door should not be aligned

IV. kitchen taboo of home decoration Feng Shui

1. The kitchen should not be back to the house

2. Do not rush through the door

3. Avoid kitchen door to stove

4. Avoid being opposite to the toilet

5. It should not be close to the bedroom

6. The stove should not be open behind

opposite to the door

8. Do not install it on the waterway

9. Do not press the top with the beam

10. It should not be exposed to the setting sun

11. It is not suitable to shoot at a sharp angle

12. Avoid conflict between water and fire

store decoration feng shui knowledge

I. improvement of store decoration Feng Shui environment

some shopping malls have narrow space or are blocked, which is not conducive to the development and operation of shopping malls. There are four ways to improve

1. Try to remove the shelter in front of the store to expose the store

2. If the storefront is narrow and cannot be changed, increase the hanging of the store card so that you can see it from a distant place, but be very careful in the adjustment, otherwise it may become a head lifting brake (also known as rosefinch holding his head high), which is a bad house in Feng Shui

3. Introduce and publicize widely through television, radio, newspapers, billboards and other news media, and try to make customers know the address of the mall, the goods they operate and the characteristics of goods and services

4. Actively participate in various social welfare sponsorship activities to expand the popularity of the mall

II. Store decoration and Feng Shui furnishings

1. Feng Shui of store door

store door welcome ” Water ” ; It’s best to open the door. The shop door can’t stay next to the stars’ decline, retreat, death and evil; Store doors are not easy to be too big or too small, and you can’t make ” Mixed and mixed phases ” , Don’t fall ” Empty death ” ;. Otherwise, there will be bad business and discord among the staff; The store should not be door-to-door with the store. Otherwise, the larger store is the Yang store, and the smaller store is the Yin store

2. Store cashier Feng Shui

many people will set the store cashier at the entrance, but the cashier on Feng Shui is recommended to be set at Ying ” Water ” ; Only by the location of the store or the auspicious position or wealth position of the store can the store do business well

3. Store goods display Feng Shui

store goods should be placed in a place convenient for viewing and selection, but do not be too close to the stairway, generally 2 meters away

III. store decoration Feng Shui taboo

1. Store decoration Feng Shui should avoid sound

the music in the store should be soft and elegant, rather than deafening music. Gentle concerts give consumers a pleasant shopping environment. Loud music is called ” in Feng Shui; Sound Sha ” , It belongs to a kind of ferocity, which makes people naturally produce irritable emotions, which can only have a negative impact on the promotion of stores

2. Feng Shui in store decoration should avoid the door to the escalator

the escalator faces the store door and rushes. The solution is to block it with shelves so that customers don’t see the escalator as soon as they enter the door, which is also in Feng Shui ” Like whirling, avoid rushing ” ; Principle of

3. Store decoration Feng Shui should not be inconsistent with the color

stores generally prefer the color that can arouse consumers’ desire to buy. In addition, they should be decorated in combination with the owner’s five element numerology color

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