Pay attention to Feng Shui in the layout of kitchen stove

In geomantic omen, kitchen geomantic omen is very important. In kitchen geomantic omen, kitchen geomantic omen is also a very important part. It can even be said that kitchen geomantic omen is the core of kitchen geomantic omen. Whether kitchen geomantic omen is good or not directly determines the quality of kitchen geomantic omen and the wealth of the family. Therefore, we must pay attention to kitchen geomantic omen, and we must not take it lightly, So in Feng Shui, what is the stress of Feng Shui in the layout of kitchen stoves? Let’s see what the relevant articles say

I. location

the stove cannot be placed close to or adjacent to the pool. As the saying goes ” Water and fire overcome each other ” ; It must have its reason; It should not be close to the refrigerator. Its fire and cold air collide, which will affect the fortune of the whole family

II. Auspicious orientation of the stove

the kitchen represents the wealth, food and wealth and health status of the residents, and its orientation will affect the health and development of the family. Generally speaking, it is auspicious to set it in the south, East and North. Setting the stove in the South has the function of calming down evils and ward off evil spirits. It can not only make the family healthy and live a long life, but also make the children in the family thrive and full of spirit. If the stove is set in the southeast, it can prevent disasters. In order to avoid accidents such as floods and fires, as well as litigation disputes, the stove can be set in the north of the kitchen to ensure family safety. If you want to gather wealth, it is a good way to set the stove in the east of the kitchen, which can not only avoid theft and fire, but also prevent family waste and help form an atmosphere of diligence and thrift

III. cracking method of kitchen sink and stove facing each other

the five elements interact with each other, water and fire collide with each other, and the gas stove faces the sink or is connected in a straight line, which is not good in Feng Shui. The stove in the kitchen cannot be close to or adjacent to the pool, because there will be water and fire, which will be dangerous, the career will not be smooth, and the husband and wife’s emotion will be prone to contradictions, resulting in family discord

crack method: since the water pipe is generally fixed, change the position of the gas stove, or cut it off, or it is not right, and increase the distance

IV. avoid ” Western sun ”

the stove should not be placed in the West. According to traditional Feng Shui, Western ” Gold ” ; Gas receiving furnace ” Fire ” ; Jack, bad luck. Sunset in the west, dusk, cooking dinner, the stove absorbed these ” Twilight ” ; Bad luck. The food cooked by the stove is easy to change under the oblique sunlight, and people are easy to get sick after eating

v. the kitchen stove can’t be backed up

in fact, this truth is useful for many things. Because no matter what people do, they need to have a backer behind them, so when decorating their home, this practice of relying on them behind them has gradually become a habit. Moreover, in Feng Shui, it is also said that if there is no support behind the kitchen stove, it is easy to cause the instability of the family, which has a great pressure on the spirit of the family living in it. Therefore, it is not conducive to the health of the family, but also in danger of losing money. Therefore, remember that the kitchen stove can’t be placed in the center of the kitchen, that is, it can’t be placed in the center

in fact, Feng Shui is very important to us. I don’t need to say more. It’s also because Feng Shui is so important that we must pay attention to Feng Shui. Therefore, it’s OK for us to know more about Feng Shui in our life, and it’s even beneficial. Do you know the Feng Shui in the kitchen stove in the above article

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