Where is the toilet built

When it comes to toilets, people often think of comfort, cleanliness and beauty, or ” Fragrant Bath ” ; Few people know that the toilet is very important in the Feng Shui layout of the whole family. Feng Shui in China pays great attention to ” Water ” ; In modern residences, whether ordinary apartments or luxury villas, toilets are places where water and gas gather, and their status is extraordinary. Therefore, in the decoration and layout of the toilet, special attention should be paid to the Feng Shui layout to avoid affecting family life and auspicious transportation

toilet location

the most suitable location of the toilet is around the house, and the door of the toilet should face the wall. If the orientation pattern makes the door of the toilet unable to face the wall, it is best to set up a screen in front of the door of the toilet, which can effectively block the dirty gas and make it difficult for it to flow into other rooms in the house. For China’s houses sitting in the north and south, the south is the location of Yang, which is the extension of the year. It is the place with the best lighting conditions. In China, it is not customary to set the toilet in the south of the apartment, because people spend the shortest time in the toilet

the toilet should not be set in the center of the house. Feng Shui formula says: ” Water and fire leave no crosshairs ” , In other words, the kitchen and toilet cannot be placed on the four main lines and four corner lines of the house, especially in the middle of the house, because the middle of the house is the center of the house, just like the human heart, which is extremely important. The center is polluted and hinders the view, and the foul gas is easy to flow to other rooms. Living in it, a large amount of foul gas is inhaled every day, which is easy to get diseases. Moreover, the toilet in the center of the house must have poor daylighting. In addition, the toilet is originally a place with plenty of water, Damp space is stuffy indoors, which is easy to breed bacteria, which is certainly harmful to health

the toilet should not be set in the north or northeast of the house. It is best to set it in the northwest, Southeast or East (from the center of the house). If the toilet is in the north or northeast direction, it must be moved to another direction. As long as it avoids the North Center by 15 degrees (sub range), the northeast side by 15 degrees (ugly range) and the Northeast Center by 15 degrees (Gen range)

even if the whole toilet is located in the north or northeast, as long as the position of the toilet deviates from these 15 degrees. If the toilet is located in these areas, it is only necessary to move the toilet without rebuilding the toilet

in addition to the north and northeast directions, the toilets in the southwest are also dangerous. If you want to move, you can only move from the west to the northwest, because toilets are usually easy to provoke peach blossoms in the West

but if it’s the work of a married girl, there’s no need to worry. However, for the sake of a comprehensive policy, we can move the toilet and urinal to the northwest, that is, the range of Ren or GUI. However, toilets cannot be set in the south. If there are any, it is best to move to the East, Southeast or northwest, because the south is the direction of daylighting. If toilets occupy this direction, it is easy to affect the house gas

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