What kind of Feng Shui is bad feng shui at home

Feng Shui that has an adverse impact on people’s life and residence is bad feng shui. Here are several bad feng shui:

① there is a strong wind near the house: there is a strong wind near the house, so it is not suitable to buy, because even if the house is really prosperous and condensed, it will be dispersed by the strong wind. But it should be noted that too much wind is bad, but if the wind is too slow and the air is not circulating, it is by no means appropriate

② the door is straight, but the door is not bright: there is trouble when the door is straight, so there should be resistance. In the past, Siheyuan had a screen wall, which is based on this reason. Generally speaking, there should be a block at the entrance. The direction of the block and the direction of people should move clockwise. The gate of the house must be bright. That kind of closed door and house is not good, which proves that people’s mentality is not open and calm, indicating that they feel unsafe

③ the living room directly faces the bedroom: don’t directly see the bedroom in the living room. It’s not good for the living room to directly face the bedroom. Because the theme is very important, the theme should be on the Yin side and the vice theme should be on the yang side

④ there is a cliff behind the house: there is a cliff behind the house, which means that there is not only no mountain behind the house, but also the risk of falling, so it is very unlucky. In addition, there is a cliff behind the house, which makes it impossible to open the back door, which means that you can’t get in and out. Then there is no cycle, that is, there is no chance to strengthen everyone’s movement. If the foundation is unstable, collapse is even more dangerous

⑤ deep mountains and valleys: many people yearn for living in deep mountains and valleys, but if they are not hermits born with one heart, they’d better not live far away from the crowd. Although large villas are located in the suburbs far away from the urban area, they can not be so remote that there are only one or two households within a radius of dozens of miles. These places are inaccessible, inconvenient to traffic and unpopular, resulting in strong Yin Qi. No matter how good feng shui is, it is not good for people. If you really like the life of deep mountains and valleys, you can consider it as a vacation house and avoid permanent residence

some people want to live a little higher and build their houses on a raised hill. This shape determines the floor according to the five element attribute: the first and second floors are the soil. Because the earth likes to live quietly, three or four are trees. The middle is gold, the top is fire, and the fire is hot and dry. The basement is water

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